It’s a Man’s World: Men’s Grooming Continues Robust Performance

August 2013

Men’s grooming’s consistent performance and resilience during the recession has brought the category to the forefront of beauty companies’ strategies. While male consumers in the West are slowly adopting male-specific products, in Asia Pacific, men already have a regimented skin care routine. As brand-owners look to penetrate the market further, Brazil and China are becoming the next investment markets to watch, with deodorants and skin care expected to fuel growth in the future.

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Men’s grooming robust growth in 2012

Men’s grooming increased by 7% in 2012, the highest growth since 2005. This was largely due to the strong performance of Latin America, which continued to grow by double digits, with low but stable growth in Western Europe and North America.

Men’s shaving performs strongly

Despite only slow growth in Western Europe and North America, men's shaving registered a 7% increase in sales in 2012, on the back of its largest category, razors and blades, with sales of US$13 billion.

Men’s toiletries to overtake men’s shaving

Men’s toiletries’ consistently stronger performance than men’s shaving over the past five years helped it close the gap from US$1 billion in 2007 to just US$116 million in 2012, and it is expected to overtake men’s shaving in 2013.

Innovation vital for brands

As more men look for male-specific products, innovation that combines multiple benefits as well as specialist solutions tailored to men’s problem-solving nature are becoming more common not only in skin care but also in hair care and deodorants.

Asia Pacific leads men’s skin care

With over 60% of the sales of men’s skin care coming from Asia Pacific, its importance to men’s skin care brands is vital, while South Korea is the world’s leading premium men’s skin care market.

Latin America key region in the future

Latin America is set to lead absolute growth in both men’s shaving and men’s toiletries, adding US$1.6 billion to and US$1.8 billion, respectively, over 2012-2017. Brazil, which holds the lion's share of Latin America’s market value, is expected to replace the US as the largest global market by 2017, accounting for 40% of global growth over the forecast period.

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Key findings

Industry Overview

Men’s grooming in the context of total beauty
2012 a year of strong performance in men’s grooming
Men’s shaving vs m en’s toiletries: Where does growth come from?

Category Analysis

Men’s toiletries close down on men’s shaving
Razors and blades’ robust performance keeps shaving on top
Razors and blades: Disposables vs system razors
Private label benefits in Southern Europe
Men’s toiletries: Dynamic growth in premium but mass dominates
Developed markets rule the designer world
…but Asia Pacific reigns growth in both industries
Opportunity in men’s toiletries varies by region
Blurring of the lines with fragrances boosts men’s deodorant sales
Asia dominates men’s skin care

Regional Analysis

Latin America outperforms all regions globally
The BRICs excluding India in the top value men’s grooming markets
Men’s shaving dominates in t he West, toiletries in t he East
Asia Pacific: A region of opportunities
South Korea the premium skin care leader
The powerhouses of Asia: China vs Japan
Staples keep Western Europe in the lead
Western Europe skin care: The mass/premium conundrum
Western Europe: A divided continent
North America: The US still the world’s largest market
Deodorants and razors generate largest revenues in Latin America
Razors and blades boosted by Latin America
Beyond Brazil? Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela
Middle East and Africa holds strong potential

Channel Analysis

Supermarkets continue to lead while department stores decline
Asia leads department stores and internet sales in men’s grooming
Online is key to reaching male consumers
Digital explored in different ways

Innovation Strategies

What makes men happy?
Skin care becomes m ulti-functional
Inspiration from female skin care
Beauty companies e xpanding into men’s grooming
Men’s hair care the low-key money maker
Colour cosmetics t apping into the m en’s g rooming m arket

Future Prospects

Key shifts in consumption in shaving versus toiletries
Men’s toiletries w ill b e the star p erformer of the next five years
Innovation focus becomes more targeted in men’s toiletries
Men’s grooming growth in the hands of a few markets
Asia and Brazil’s dominance shows no signs of abating
Key opportunities and recommendations
Key opportunities and recommendations continued

Report Definitions

Data parameters and report definitions
Category definitions
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