Keurig Green M ountain in Hot Drinks

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Mar 2016

Keurig is a global leader in fresh ground coffee pods as well as a manufacturer of hard pod coffee machines. It has a much smaller presence in standard fresh ground coffee and fresh coffee beans. The US-based company’s presence is limited to the US, Canada and the UK. Its net sales have declined recently, due to lower demand for its hard pod coffee machines including its Keurig 2.0 brewer. Keurig has been able to grow sales of its K-Cups by entering into new licensing agreements.

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Keurig Green M ountain in Hot Drinks

Euromonitor International's report on Keurig Green Mountain Inc delivers a detailed strategic analysis of the company's business, examining its performance in the Coffee market and the global economy.

Company and market share data provide a detailed look at the financial position of Keurig Green Mountain Inc, while in-depth qualitative analysis will help you understand the brand strategy and growth prospects of Keurig Green Mountain Inc.

This report examines:
  • Company share by region and sector
  • Brand portfolio
  • New product developments
  • Marketing and distribution strategies

A detailed SWOT analysis of Keurig Green Mountain Inc provides strategic intelligence on:
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Category and country opportunities for growth
  • Challenges and threats from current competition and future prospects
  • Global and regional market positions

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Scope of the Report


Strategic Evaluation

Key company facts
A tough year for Keurig in 2015
Continued sales decline in first quarter 2016
Keurig Green Mountain’s strategy
Keurig facing difficulty increasing adoption
Keurig uses the razor/blade model, with no profit on machines
Keurig began in US office market in 1998 and entered homes later
Keurig offers over 575 beverage choices from over 80 brands
Keurig has three different brand types
Keurig has grown through acquisitions and new products
Keurig has grown by offering a multitude of brand choices
Keurig KOLD showcases new beverage system technologies
Keurig seeks to expand internationally but has moved slowly
JAB Holding’s purchase may help Keurig expand internationally
SWOT: Keurig Green Mountain

Competitive Positioning

Keurig’s sales slow down from earlier double-digit growth
Leading hot drinks companies by retail value in 2015
Leading coffee pods companies by retail value in 2015
Starbucks is the fastest growing brand
US: Keurig faces price competition from non-Keurig-licensed pods
Keurig Green Mountain’s Keurig brewers sales slow down

Market Assessment

Keurig remains limited to North America
In contrast, JDE has a wide global footprint
Keurig dominant in pod coffee with minimal presence outside
JDE: Dominant in standard fresh ground coffee and strong in pods

Geographic and Category Opportunities

US and Canada offer the best growth opportunities in coffee pods
UK offers best prospects for pod coffee machines
Three key markets for Keurig
US: Keurig can target Hispanics, millennials and generation Z
Top US brands in coffee pods and pod coffee machines
UK: Keurig can expand its presence here beyond AFH
Top UK brands in coffee pods and pod coffee machines
Brazil: Keurig can target higher income consumers
Top Brazil brands in coffee pods and pod coffee machines
The future of coffee pods

B rand Strategy

Keurig needs to focus on owned brands as well as licensed

B rand S trategy

Keurig’s strategy across coffee brands


Operations in US and Canada

Four Challenges

Keurig needs to expand internationally while growing in the US

Appendix: Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics tool
Market Overlap
Overlap Matrices

Appendix: Industry Forecast Model

About Euromonitor International’s Industry Forecast Model
Soft drivers and the Industry Forecast Model
Growth decomposition explained
Significance and applications for growth decomposition
Key applications for Industry Forecast Models