Key Strategies for Growth in Laundry Care

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Aug 2010

Even in difficult economic times, laundry care continued its growth pattern. Performance is still the key aspect of success in laundry care, however, consumers now expect products not just to perform. While environmentally conscientious Western European and North American consumers will opt for concentrated products that have a lower carbon footprint, consumers in emerging markets will continue to fuel demand for value-added products for semi-automatic washing machines.

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Key Strategies for Growth in Laundry Care

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Scope of the Report



Key Findings

Global Performance

Global Laundry Care Performance
Global Laundry Care Market Sizes in 2009
Laundry Care Still Grew Substantially in Value Terms
Global Laundry Care Value Growth in 2009…
…But Volume Growth Remained Restricted
Compaction Drives Growth in Liquid Detergents
Channel Performance

Regional Analysis

Despite Maturity Western Europe is Still Ahead of the Pack
Focus on Western Europe
Could Consumers Do Away With Detergents?
Western Europe – Price Matters More Than Ever
Focus on North America
Liquid and Concentrated...
... But Also Cheaper... Even if Just for a While...
Focus on Australasia
Focus on Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe Hit Hard in 2009
New Product Launches in Russia
Focus on Asia Pacific
China - Stable Growth Alongside Strong Economic Recovery
Focus on Latin America
Zooming into Brazil’s Laundry Care
Focus on Middle East and Africa
Challenges in the Middle East and Africa Region
Middle East and Africa: Washing Machine Penetration Levels

Competitive Landscape

Leading Manufacturers in Laundry Care
Global Players Still Stuck in Their Positions
Innovation Will Continue to Pay Dividends
Stain Removing Features to the Fore
Company Strategies and Global Trends

Global Prospects and Opportunities

Future Growth by Category
Laundry Care – Future Prospects
The Outlook for Private Label Growth by Country
The Future of Ingredients
Outlook for Selected Key Ingredients
Compaction in Laundry Care Drives Changes in Packaging
Product Segmentation in Laundry Care
Home Laundry Appliances Outlook for Emerging Markets
BRICs Still Big News
Beyond BRICs – Frontier Markets to Watch


Report Definitions and Acronyms
Category Definitions: Detergents
Category Definitions: Other Laundry Care