Kingfisher PLC in Home and Garden

January 2022

After a multi-year decline in Kingfisher Plc’s B2C sales, a boom in the second half of 2020 saw a return to growth or the full year, brought about by COVID-19, new priorities for the home, and new related demand patterns. Growth was strongest in B&Q UK, and in garden and outdoor products. Published results show the increased demand patterns continuing to at least 31 July 2021. Kingfisher is investing in e-commerce, and experimenting with new retail formats and business models, such as shared eco

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Executive summary
After a period of B2C decline, Kingfisher Plc has returned to growth
Increasing focus on key geographic markets
Kingfisher invests in rapid expansion; at store level led by Screwfix brand
Strategic push for private label growth (in both sales and range increases)
Compact store formats to meet evolving consumer demands
Compact store formats to boost omnichannel efficiency
Sustaining the long-term competitive position versus “item providers”
E-commerce at the heart of Kingfisher’s global strategy
Pandemic market conditions see accelerated e-commerce expansion
Mobile first approach key to wider e-commerce development
A baseline increase in the demand for DIFM services across 2020-2021
Kingfisher investing in the “consumer systems” approach
Kingfisher experiments with a shared economy approach via a partner
Kingfisher is trying out multiple new formats and business models
Kingfisher has a “getting to Net Zero” plan around its climate impact
For many retailers and brands, material provenance is rising as a concern
One sustainable action stands out strategically as unusual in the industry
Saving is saving and the importance of efficiency is most clear in Q4 2021
Long-term boost to spending on home improvement and gardening
Kingfisher’s strong financial position may enable more aggressive M&A
E-commerce forecast to take on growing influence
Executive summary

Home and Garden

This project has a strict focus on sales to consumers only. Trade and professional sales are excluded. Home and garden refers to gardening, home improvement, homewares and home furnishings.

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