League Profile: Serie A 2019

December 2019

Serie A is one of the leading football competitions globally. The briefing analyses Serie A performance across Matchday, Social Media, and Commercial Partners datasets, drawing insights on league viability, growth and business exposure. It also provides an idea on a position of the competition relative to its peers globally, as well as in the region and sports-wise.

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Key Findings

League with a long-running history, showcasing high competition

Italy’s Serie A is characterised by a rich tradition, with a history of more than 100 years. The domestic league is contested by 20 teams, with the most successful being Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan, which have excelled not just within the domestic arena, but have consistently made a mark in UEFA competitions over the years. The quality of the football being played in Serie A is highly regarded, which drives the credibility and attractiveness of the league domestically and abroad.

Serie A among the top football leagues, but considerably behind La Liga and the Premier League

Compared to some of the major football leagues around the world, Serie A is usually ranked at the top in terms of league attractiveness, but behind two of its competitors. Spain’s La Liga and England’s Premier League are well ahead in terms of global fan following, having successfully promoted their respective leagues in fan-rich markets in Asia and the Americas over the years. Germany’s Bundesliga, considered to be Serie A’s closest competitor, has the highest average attendance per game among all football leagues, facilitated by large stadium sizes and low ticket prices.

Fresh opportunities to grow social media footprint

In terms of social media footprint, Serie A received fresh impetus with Juventus signing Cristiano Ronaldo at the start of the 2018-2019 season. Facebook continues to be the dominant social media platform for engaging with fans, but the growth of Instagram and Weibo fan-following over Feb 2018-Feb 2019 has been impressive.

Attractive league for sponsors

Serie A has established itself as the top sports competition in the country and has been a lucrative base for sponsorships, with some of the most prominent brands being Jeep, adidas, Macron and Kappa, among others. Business services was the most recurring industry across sponsorships for the 2018-2019 season, but in terms of opportunities, soft drinks has the highest commercial opportunity potential. 



Key findings

Competition Study

Attention matrix: regional scope
Attention matrix: sports scope
Attention matrix: competition scope
Demographic and infrastructural issues limit league’s attractiveness
Matchday stats: league summary
Matchday stats: league line-up
Social media footprint
Sponsorship landscape (1)
Sponsorship landscape (2)
Key sponsors: industry snapshots
Sponsorship opportunity overview
Competition summary

Club Profiles

Club profile: AC Milan
Sponsorship opportunities: AC Milan
Club profile: AS Roma
Sponsorship opportunities: AS Roma
Club profile: Atalanta
Sponsorship opportunities: Atalanta
Club profile: Bologna FC 1909
Sponsorship opportunities: Bologna FC 1909
Club profile: Cagliari Calcio
Sponsorship opportunities: Cagliari Calcio
Club profile: Chievo Verona
Sponsorship opportunities: Chievo Verona
Club profile: FC Empoli
Sponsorship opportunities: FC Empoli
Club profile: Fiorentina
Sponsorship opportunities: Fiorentina
Club profile: Frosinone Calcio
Sponsorship opportunities: Frosinone Calcio
Club profile: Genoa CFC
Sponsorship opportunities: Genoa CFC
Club profile: Inter Milan
Sponsorship opportunities: Inter Milan
Club profile: Juventus
Sponsorship opportunities: Juventus
Club profile: Parma FC
Sponsorship opportunities: Parma FC
Club profile: S.P.A.L. 2013
Sponsorship opportunities: S.P.A.L. 2013
Club profile: Sampdoria
Sponsorship opportunities: Sampdoria
Club profile: SS Lazio
Sponsorship opportunities: SS Lazio
Club profile: SSC Napoli
Sponsorship opportunities: SSC Napoli
Club profile: Torino FC
Sponsorship opportunities: Torino FC
Club profile: Udinese Calcio
Sponsorship opportunities: Udinese Calcio
Club profile: US Sassuolo
Sponsorship opportunities: US Sassuolo


League and Club Indices
League profile


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