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Lodging in Latin America

December 2018

Lodging in Latin America continues to grow surpassing the different socio-economic factors and challenges that have affected its performance in recent years. Mexico and Brazil are the preferred destinations, dominating sales of the top ten companies. Award winning countries like Peru and Chile have gained international recognition marketing promotions. The middle-class traveling appeal grows within the region creating an opportunity for mid-market, budget hotels and short-term rentals.

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Key Findings

Variables align to generate more visits

Due to a more optimistic economic situation in countries like Brazil and Argentina, favorable exchange rates and new marketing strategies, Latin America manages to attract travelers and now targets new markets in Europe and Asia.

Brazil and Mexico control the lodging market in the region

Historically these countries have dominated the market being a multi-destination and offering varied lodging supply. International hotel chains to continue to invest in them focusing on different audiences such as business travelers or millennials.

Latin America is Airbnb’s fastest growing market             

Latin America is by far Airbnb’s fastest growing market. The initial interest of governments to regulate the platform formally has advanced slowly. The extra income Airbnb provides to those who have been affected by economic instability will result in a strong growth in short term rentals listings in the forecast.

Low cost airlines push locals to travel regionally

The expansion of low cost airlines in the region has allowed for people to opt for regional destinations and travel more frequently, saving money and increasing the lodging demand.

Consumers opt for comfort of online intermediaries

Online intermediaries allow to consumers to compare prices, read reviews, view photos, obtain discounts and centralize lodging options which are a critical advantage versus an offline booking experience. 

Low cost lodging brands plan to expand in the region

To align with a price sensitive consumer and the informal offer of Airbnb, lodging players such as Marriott battle expanding through low cost, quality brands such as Fairfield and Moxy.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Latin America lodging in context
Lodging in Latin America loses momentum due socio economic factors
Mexico and Brazil’s lodging investments result in outstanding performance
Formal lodging provides travellers a higher service standard
Short term rental leads growth in forecast
Short term rentals and mid-market hotels registered dynamic growth
Opportunity for growth in all sectors

Leading Companies and Brands

High fragmentation due to other lodging
Acquisitions and local socio economic factors affect performance
Mexico and Brazil hold top positions for companies
Price sensitive consumer prefers budget options

Forecast Projections

Traditional destinations continue to grow
Online platforms will dominate the forecast

Country Snapshots

Mexico: market context
Mexico: competitive landscape
Brazil: market context
Brazil: competitive landscape
Peru: market context
Peru: competitive landscape
Colombia: market context
Colombia: competitive landscape
Argentina: market context
Argentina: competitive landscape
Ecuador: market context
Ecuador: competitive landscape
Chile: market context
Chile: competitive landscape


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