Lodging in the United Arab Emirates

September 2021
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Understand the latest market trends and future growth opportunities for the Lodging industry in United Arab Emirates with research from Euromonitor International's team of in-country analysts – experts by industry and geographic specialisation.

Key trends are clearly and succinctly summarised alongside the most current research data available. Understand and assess competitive threats and plan corporate strategy with our qualitative analysis, insight and confident growth projections.

If you're in the Lodging industry in United Arab Emirates, our research will help you to make informed, intelligent decisions; to recognise and profit from opportunity, or to offer resilience amidst market uncertainty.

The Lodging in United Arab Emirates report includes:

  • Analysis of key supply-side and demand trends
  • Detailed segmentation of international and local products
  • Historic volume and value sizes, company and brand market shares
  • Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth
  • Robust and transparent research methodology, conducted in-country

This report answers:

  • What is the market size of Lodging in United Arab Emirates?
  • Which are the leading companies in Lodging in United Arab Emirates?
  • How are companies responding to the impact of COVID-19 and accordant travel restrictions?
  • How severe is the scale of the damage?
  • Which travel sectors are proving the most resilient?
  • How soon can recovery be expected?
  • What are companies doing to innovate and future-proof against the crisis?

Lodging in the United Arab Emirates - Category analysis



Lodging operators continue to benefit from increased demand for staycations
Extended stays and workspace rental become key revenue streams for hotels


COVID-19 set to have a lasting impact on hotel development
Share of lodging value sales generated online expected to continue rising


Table 1 Lodging Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 2 Lodging Online Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 3 Hotels Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 4 Hotels Online Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 5 Other Lodging Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 6 Other Lodging Online Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 7 Lodging Outlets: Units 2016-2021 Table 8 Lodging: Number of Rooms 2016-2021 Table 9 Lodging by Incoming vs Domestic: % Value 2016-2021 Table 10 Hotels NBO Company Shares: % Value 2016-2020 Table 11 Hotel Brands by Key Performance Indicators 2021 Table 12 Forecast Lodging Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 13 Forecast Lodging Online Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 14 Forecast Hotels Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 15 Forecast Hotels Online Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 16 Forecast Other Lodging Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 17 Forecast Other Lodging Online Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 18 Forecast Lodging Outlets: Units 2021-2026

Travel in the United Arab Emirates - Industry Overview


Travel in 2021
COVID-19 impact on travel
Company response to COVID-19 in 2021: Airlines and hotels
Impact of COVID-19 on online bookings and travel intermediaries in 2021
What next for travel?
Chart 1 Inbound Receipts: 2021-2026 Chart 2 Average Spend per Trip for Inbound Arrivals: 2021-2026


Table 19 Other Transport Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 20 Other Transport Online Sales: Value 2016-2021 Table 21 Forecast Other Transport Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 22 Forecast Other Transport Online Sales: Value 2021-2026 Table 23 Activities and Experiences: Value 2016-2021 Table 24 Forecast Activities and Experiences: Value 2021-2026




Summary 1 Research Sources
The following categories and subcategories are included:


  • Lodging Offline
    • Lodging Online Direct
    • Lodging Intermediaries (Destination)
    • Luxury and Upscale Hotels
    • Mid-Market Hotels
    • Budget Hotels
    • Unrated Hotels
    • Hotels Offline
      • Hotels Online Direct
      • Hotels Online Intermediaries
    • Short-Term Rentals Offline
      • Short-Term Rentals Online Direct
      • Short-Term Rentals Online Intermediaries
    • Campsites
    • Hostels
    • Other Lodging Types
    • Other Lodging Offline
      • Other Lodging Online Direct
      • Other Lodging Online Intermediaries


Lodging covers the main types of lodging used by inbound and domestic tourists, providing a destination point of view (also known as point of supply). Lodging value is measured in terms of the price paid for lodging by the consumer and businesses based on total room sales. It does not include food and drinks or any other form of revenue that is not directly related to lodging, such as events and conferences and guest services, such as gym, spa, shop, room service, restaurant and café. Lodging volume is measured in terms of number of outlets and rooms at year end, and room nights as total of the full year.


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This report originates from Passport, our Lodging research and analysis database.


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