Major Appliances in Latin America

June 2019

Despite social, economic and political turbulence during the review period, sales of major appliances in Latin America returned to growth in 2018, with further growth expected in the near future. Much depends on Brazil, which, given the size of the market, exercises considerable influence on the overall region’s performance.

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Key Findings

Brazil determines the regional performance

Latin America goes as Brazil does. Despite steady growth from many of the countries in the region, the magnitude of the slowdown in Brazil in the early part of the review period, coupled with the comparatively large size of the market, means that Brazil’s performance dragged down the performance of the region as a whole.

Mexico and Chile show strong growth

Mexico and Chile were the only countries in the region to see growth in every major appliance category over the review period. Chile saw the largest growth in home laundry appliances, whereas Mexico saw the strongest growth in the region in the refrigeration appliances category.

International companies have a strong presence in many markets

Whirlpool, Electrolux, Mabe, LG and Haier lead sales of major appliances in Latin America. Whirlpool and Electrolux have large leads over Mabe, the third ranked producer and largest local manufacturer.

Bricks-and-mortar outlets still dominate, but internet retailing is carving out a space for itself

In the majority of countries in the region, electronics and appliance specialist retailers and department stores remain the most significant distribution channels for major appliances. Retailers with an online presence are expanding their reach by offering competitive prices, convenience of delivery, and a seamless purchase experience involving their physical stores, which serve as showrooms.


Key findings

Regional Overview

A challenging period, but signs of improvement
Review period marked by volatility
Despite social and political questions, region returns to growth
Brazil and Argentina struggle, while Mexico grows
Brazil and Argentina drag down sales during the review period
Declines in Brazil and Argentina swamp other countries’ gains
Specialist retailers and department stores still dominate
Bricks-and-mortar retailers remain strong, but online is emerging

Leading Companies and Brands

Market share is concentrated among leading players
International manufacturers dominate the top 10
Domestic manufacturers strong in home markets
No change in the top spot, movement everywhere else

Forecast Projections

Positive growth in the forecast period
Brazil and Mexico to see strong growth; slower rises elsewhere

Country Snapshots

Argentina: market context
Argentina: competitive and retail landscape
Brazil: market context
Brazil: competitive and retail landscape
Chile: market context
Chile: competitive and retail landscape
Colombia: market context
Colombia: competitive and retail landscape
Mexico: market context
Mexico: competitive and retail landscape


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