Market Measurement

Learn the story behind the numbers with our market measurement analysis. Euromonitor Consulting
measures the potential of new markets and growth opportunities, identifies new channel and category
​prospects and reduces the risk from new initiatives.

Our market modellers and econometricians use the latest statistical techniques and business analytics to
measure and forecast sales demand, combined with qualitative analysis of trends and industry drivers to
support strategic decisions and commercial due diligence.

How Market Measurement can help

Determine Market Entry

Evaluate the size of key categories and countries of interest. Distinguish emerging trends impacting future sales. Detect barriers to entry and local market challenges.

Evaluate competitors and benchmark performance

Understand what segments will have the best future performance. Identify underlying factors driving industry and country growth.

Assess Future Relevance of Competitors

Measure the competition against your sales and identify key stakeholder strategies. 

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges anticipate change more efficiently, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


Identify, evaluate and validate new opportunities and reposition existing products through in-depth and actionable market intelligence. 


Understand markets with more compelling insights, allowing you to generate fresh ideas, customer segment hypotheses and improved competitive positioning. 

Marketing Communications

Tailor your marketing message to address the needs and drivers of your target audience. Improve brand positioning, claims and messaging that match the needs and lifestyles of your target audience.


Inform strategies with the latest international and local marketing insights to understand how customers respond and if it is suited to international markets and brand strategy.