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Megatrends Analysis

Megatrend analysis with Euromonitor Consulting helps clients develop successful strategies and prepare for transformative global forces on economies, cultures, consumer lifestyles and their businesses.

How Megatrend Analysis can help

Identify and assess

Identify the critical megatrends affecting your business. Evaluate causes, links and consequences of the complex interactions and overlap in trends. Identify new and emerging business models

Evaluate and measure

Map the most influential multidimensional megatrends affecting your business. Evaluate the direction and speed of change and quantify the impact on your markets.

Adapt and grow

Innovate and develop new solutions matched to future trends. Formulate strategies to prepare for potential threats. Inform long-term strategic planning.

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges, anticipate change, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


Megatrends change consumer behaviour and cause major disruptions to regional and global markets, opening up strategic opportunities and threats. We help clients adapt their portfolios and business models and provide strategy options considering the impact of long cycles and macro-trends.


Our analysis provides a framework for understanding the complex interactions of megatrends to challenge assumptions. We help clients capitalise on changing consumer sentiment, spot emerging opportunities and identify unmet needs related to megatrends.


Analyse trends, forecasts and future scenarios of your target consumers, markets and the industry as a whole to generate ideas, fill your pipeline, justify research and development investments.

Marketing communications

Improve engagement with potential customers, partners and investors by highlighting the potential of your product or service with data and insights. We help clients raise awareness and interest by demonstrating thought leadership that builds industry credibility.