Megatrends: Shopping Reinvented and Generation Z

October 2021

Much as Millennials were the vanguard of several new shopping styles that bled into other generations’ behaviour as well, Gen Z will be the earliest adopters of some of the trends coming to commerce.This report identifies three major trends in shopper behaviour, examines case studies of companies already seeing success, and describes how these trends will power Shopping Reinvented in the years ahead.

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Key Findings


Since 2017, access to technology has continued to grow significantly across all markets. The percentage of households possessing a smartphone globally is expected to increase from 64% in 2017 to 80% by the end of 2021. In the Coronavirus era, consumers are increasingly digitally connected and are using their devices to engage with brands.

Merchants also have greater access to technology than just two years ago. Many of them accelerated investments in a variety of online consumer-facing and back-end technologies due to the pandemic and the increased demand for e-commerce. Technology investments made into digital channels, logistics and improved customer experiences over the past 18 months will support brands and retailers even after the pandemic is past.

Changing Values

Changing values have also remained an important factor in the development of Shopping Reinvented. Time remains a priority for most, as consumers adapt to buying a wide range of categories online. At the same time, some of the most connected consumers are looking to limit their use of technology. This “digital detox” is in some ways a reaction to “always on” cultures and has consumers rethinking the amount of time they spend using their devices. The search for greater value continues to be a relevant concern for a large number of consumers.

The result of these factors has been a greater division between buying (which is convenience-orientated and often tech-enabled) and shopping (which is more social and experiential).

Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Introduction to Shopping Reinvented
Drivers of Shopping Reinvented’s evolution
Who are Gen Z, and where are they located?
Gen Z is not a monolithic group
Generational analysis of emerging shopper behaviour
Generation Z and emerging shopper behaviour
Emerging commerce devices and interfaces reflect growing time spent online
Bilibili unique content positioning appeals to Generation Z
Approve, the social native Brazilian Gen Z brand
Gucci taps in to fashion gamification with virtual exhibit
Nykaa makes the cosmetics buying experience more interactive
Squadded Shopping recreates group shopping experiences online
Emerging commerce interfaces and Shopping Reinvented
Loyalty perks seen as something from the past for Gen Z
Cardless personalises credit card rewards
LivenPay gives rewards when dining out
Gillette partners with Twitch to target gamers
Evolving loyalty preferences and Shopping Reinvented
The access economy is set to become prevalent
Style Theory grows fashion rental platform in Southeast Asia
Zoomcar makes car owning experience convenient
A llugator’s take on consumer electronics
Spinlister brings the sharing economy to recreation
Access economy and Shopping Reinvented
Gen Z and Demographic Shifts
Gen Z and Shopping Reinvented
Key questions for brands and merchants
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