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Megatrends: Understanding Sustainable Consumers

December 2022

As sustainability grows in relevance and consumers lean towards more sustainable lifestyles, consumer segmentation according to shared environmentally-friendly traits and preferences becomes instrumental for companies. This briefing highlights the top seven global Sustainable Consumer Types through insights from Euromonitor International’s Voice of the Consumer: Sustainability Survey.

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Key Findings

Climate Activists are older than you think

Climate Activists account for 34% of the global population but, contrary to common perception, there are many more Climate Activists among the older generations than among the younger ones. Baby Boomers and Generation X are motivated by the legacy they will leave to their (grand)children; therefore, taking climate action seems to be essential to them.

Meat Avoiders are the most prevalent consumer type globally

Almost two in five consumers around the world avoid eating meat. Religious traditions, ideology on animal welfare, and environmental and health concerns are driving this global trend. Millennials with higher education and that are financially secure are the most prominent Meat Avoiders.

Motivation to be sustainable and frugal at the same time is high

In recessionary times, consumers are increasingly turning to frugal spending. Value for money, durability and quality are the product features playing a greater role in shaping consumer purchasing decisions in 2022 in non-food product categories such as apparel and home care.

Splurging on sustainability makes consumers feel good

One in four global consumers reports that spending on eco-/ethically-conscious goods makes them feel good. Interestingly, Anti-plastic Warriors are the most positive, with 50% of Anti-plastic Warriors feeling good when buying green, while the most neutral consumer type are Meat Avoiders (37%).

Latin American consumers are the most active in sustainability

Latin America is the leading region in terms of numbers of Meat Avoiders, Zero Wasters, Climate Activists, Water Savers and Anti-plastic Warriors (five out of the seven top consumer types globally). Countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Mexico particularly stand out in the region.


Key findings
Methodology in a nutshell
Definitions: Meet the sustainable consumers
Sustainable Consumer Types in 2022
Top global Sustainable Consumer Types by region
Top global Sustainable Consumer Types by generation
Who are Meat Avoiders?
Meat Avoiders: Attitudes and behaviours
Vegetarian is the fastest-growing claim in India, yet shopper satisfaction is low
Novameat: Spanish plant-based food using 3D technology
Who are Zero Wasters?
Zero Wasters: Attitudes and behaviours
Circular consumption by region
Brazil and Poland have high potential for zero waste products
Decathlon: Reversing its own brand logo to incentivise circularity in Belgium
Who are Climate Activists?
Climate Activists: Attitudes and behaviours
Over half the companies surveyed plan to use low carbon claims in new product launches
Singaporeans and Mexicans would appreciate more carbon neutral products
Procter & Gamble: A reprise for cold water washing strategy
Who are Green Spenders?
Green Spenders: Attitudes and behaviours
Green Spenders prioritise frugal spending features
On’s Cyclon subscription programme: The shoe you’ll never own
Who are Water Savers?
Water Savers: Attitudes and behaviours
Conserving Beauty: Taking waterless beauty one step further
Who are Purpose-driven Consumers?
Purpose-driven Consumers: Attitudes and behaviours
Top apparel players are upping their green commitments to answer consumers’ quest
OLIVELA: Launching a women’s empowerment campaign Stand With Her
Who are Anti-plastic Warriors?
Anti-plastic Warriors: Attitudes and behaviours
The UK is the most mature market for sustainable packaging
Algramo x Coca-Cola: Launches new refill station for soft drinks in Chile
Key findings


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