Melting Under Pressure?: Global Opportunities for Ice Cream

May 2010

The global ice cream market weathered the economic storm fairly well in 2009, thanks to warmer weather in major markets like the US and the continued resilience of increasingly important emerging markets like China, Brazil and India. However, ice cream manufacturers must not become complacent, especially as private label encroachment is accelerating worldwide. Adding value is the name of the game, be it through novel flavours, health and wellness innovations, or leveraging ethical values.

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Objectives of Global Briefing
Key Findings

Global and Regional Performance

Nascent Economic Recovery Boosts Global Ice Cream Sales
Impact of the Global Economic Crisis
Ice Cream Retail Volume CAGR by Country 2004-2009
Recession Hits Eastern Europe, While Asia-Pacific Resilient
Maturity, Weakened Economy Constrains Developed Markets
Emerging Markets Still Driving Sales Despite Downturn
Country Case Study: Italian Ice Cream Melts Under Pressure
Country Case Study: Artisanal Parlours Drive Chinese Sales
Country Case Study: Ice Cream Losing Favour in Ukraine

Category Analysis

Impulse Ice Cream Continues to Dominate
Artisanal Ice Cream Holding Steady Despite Price Sensitivity
Take-home Sales Undermined by Weak US Performance

Competitive Landscape

Unilever Group Remains Market Leader
Unilever Benefits from Acquisition and Targeted Innovation
Nestlé Undermined by Heavy Reliance on Developed Markets

Channel Analysis

Supermarkets/Hypermarkets Dominate Global Ice Cream
Discounters Still Small But Making Gradual Inroads

Key Trends and Developments

Leveraging Opportunities for Healthier Ice Cream
Bright Prospects for Reduced-fat Ice Cream
Soy-based Ice Cream Set to See Growth

New Product Developments

New Product Launch: Solero Berry Berry in Belgium
New Product Launch: Nimm2 Eis in the Netherlands
New Product Launch: Molico Cream in Brazil
New Product Launch: Häagen-Dazs Five in the US
New Product Launch: Ice Pocket in France
New Product Launch: Nestlé Sorbetes in the Philippines

Global Prospects and Opportunities

Ice Cream Retail Volume CAGR by Country 2009-2014
Dietary Concerns Constrain Ice Cream in Developed Markets
Asia-Pacific Will Drive Global Retail Volume Sales
Impulse Ice Cream to Drive Future Global Performance
One Region, One Country, One Strategy
More Sophisticated Flavours and Styles Expanding Globally
Take-home Ice Cream Will Eventually Benefit from Recovery
Adding Fruit and Probiotics for a Competitive Edge
Fairtrade Ice Cream Opens Up New World of Opportunity
Heart Healthy, Calcium Enriched Ice Cream
Market Potential for Energy Boosting Ice Cream
Country Case Study: Impulse Ice Cream in US
Country Case Study: Significant Room for Growth in India
Country Case Study: Brazilian Ice Cream More Sophisticated
Final Conclusions

Report Definitions

Data Parameters and Report Definitions
Product Definitions


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