Men and Incontinence: Capturing Demand and Growth Opportunities

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Oct 2017

While women remain the key target audience for disposable adult incontinence products, men’s incontinence management offers potential for further industry growth as attested by the strong positive performance of a number of new products, especially those in light incontinence management. The report discusses risk factors and the consumer base for men’s incontinence products and analyses recent marketing and product trends geared specifically towards male incontinence sufferers.

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Men and Incontinence: Capturing Demand and Growth Opportunities

Underserved market with great opportunity for growth

Although coming more into the spotlight with a range of new and improved marketing campaigns and an array of new products, there still remains room for further innovation and consumer educational and communication support to tap into the market for men’s incontinence products.

A variety of risks factors necessitate further evolution in product formats

Reported rates of incontinence prevalence among men vary, depending on the source and methodology applied. However, risk factors go far beyond ageing and also include younger men below the age of 60.

Product innovations focus on discretion and comfort with active lifestyles increasingly in focus in developed and more evolved developing markets

With better understanding of incontinence conditions and the contributing factors comes greater focus on product development that incorporates the variety of modern men’s needs and preferences, including those physically active. Condition normalisation remains on the agenda, and products that offer comfort and discretion help to meet normalisation goals.

Opportunities in light incontinence for men

Although products like shields and briefs remain among the key formats in men’s incontinence management, with further improvements also in aesthetic design, other product formats are in demand. These include light incontinence products, as attested by the successful launch and evolution of the products by Unicharm since 2014.

Minding the price – men are cost-sensitive

Similarly to other hygiene and health products, costs of incontinence management can be high. Men, however, are sensitive to costs of healthcare, thereby creating both opportunities and challenges for the industry when it comes to pricing, affordability, and industry profitability.

Key findings

Male Incontinence: Risk Factors

Male incontinence management: Growing demand
Demographic trends set the stage…
…but ageing is not the only contributing factor

Modern Men and Health Management

Modern men: Physical exercise for health management
Modern men: Consulting doctors and pharmacists
Ability to pay: Men are sensitive to costs of healthcare

Products, Trends, Innovation

Available treatment options for incontinence management
Men’s incontinence by top 3 global players
Review of male guard products in the US: What do men value?
Review of male underwear products in the US: What do men value?
Responding to men’s needs through product innovation
Light incontinence products for men: Lessons from Unicharm
Effective marketing campaigns to ensure category normalisation

Appendix: Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics tool
Market Overlap
Overlap Matrices

Appendix: Industry Forecast Model

About Euromonitor International’s Industry Forecast Model
Soft drivers and the Industry Forecast Model
Growth decomposition explained
Significance and applications for growth decomposition
Key applications for Industry Forecast Models