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Men’s Beauty: Breaking Stereotypes and Exploiting Potential

August 2019

Women remain the target group for beauty companies, but this is changing. In the era of gender fluidity, taboos over gender and traditional social roles are being challenged. It’s no surprise that beauty players are increasingly focusing on exploiting the potential within the male segment, offering numerous launches of skin care and even colour cosmetics lines. Amidst all the marketing buzz surrounding those launches, the question remains, is male beauty as lucrative as it seems at first glance?

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Key Findings

Men’s grooming lags behind overall beauty and personal care

In 2018, men’s grooming posted growth of 1% globally in constant value terms, compared with 3% for overall beauty and personal care. In 2018, men’s grooming accounted for only 10% of total beauty and personal care value sales. Growth in men’s grooming is, however, set to accelerate over 2018-2023.

Evolving social roles support growth in male grooming

As more women have joined the workforce, traditionally “male” social roles have evolved, as domestic responsibilities balance out and the financial burden on men decreases. Another consequence of the growth in female employment is greater competition for jobs, and there is extra pressure on men to meet certain grooming standards.

Education is paramount to encourage adoption

Men’s grooming routines remain basic and centred on hair, where the benefits of product usage are clear. Men continue to exhibit reluctance to adopt more sophisticated routines, owing in part to a lack of understanding of the benefits they can bring beyond simple hygiene. Educating men on the benefits of using skin care products is key to increasing adoption. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands benefit from having the tools to reach men directly.

Tapping into mental wellbeing offers opportunities

Men are increasingly associating beauty with looking healthy. Prevention and self care are key. Mental wellbeing is considered the most important health factor for men, rather than absence of disease. With anxiety, depression and stress being a key concern in today’s hectic society, targeting mental wellbeing offers significant opportunities for beauty brands to tap into.

Key findings
Men’s grooming lags behind overall beauty
Acceleration anticipated after slowdown
Mass segment is driving men’s toiletries and fragrances performance
When it comes to toiletries, men stick with basic products
Fragrances in developing markets offer significant potential
Western Europe is losing its status as a powerhouse
Eastern Europe is the only market dominated by shaving
Asia Pacific is the growth engine for toiletries
Brazil and Indonesia are the next growth frontiers
Procter & Gamble retains leadership amidst intensifying competition
The power of big brands reinforced by men’s loyalty
E-commerce is expanding rapidly but physical retail dominates
Private label in the game to win over men
Retailing needs to embrace demand from male consumers
Evolving social roles support men’s beauty growth
Multiple shades of masculinity
Brands are “detoxifying” masculinity with new marketing messages
Heightened emphasis on functionality over gendered marketing
Departure from gendered marketing encourages new brand activity
Mass skin care prospers as emerging markets flourish
Education paramount for adoption of new skin care
Simplicity emerges as unique selling point
Skin concerns of black men more varied
Engaging teenagers is crucial to creating lifetime brand loyalty
Discretion is paramount for mass adoption of male make-up
Male colour cosmetics is spreading from Asia to the world
Beard care: the need for stand out in a cluttered space
Beard care: France and Russia are opportunity markets
Hair care: hair loss concerns underserved in men
Shaving: tapping into new opportunities
Mental wellbeing a key health concern for men
DTC brands offer men the privacy to explore new health solutions
Fitting with men’s active lifestyles
Biohacking: the next stage in men’s wellness
Challenges arise as men are looking for conscious beauty
Key takeaways

Beauty and Personal Care

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