Mergers and Aquisition Screening

Euromonitor Consulting efficiently distils large amounts of information to ​find best-fit
​companies for M&A activity or partnerships across categories and geographies.

How Merger and Aquisition Screening can help

Focus on the Competition

Identify the potential universe of M&A targets based on your company’s needs. Use these insights to improve alignment of individual business units with overall corporate strategy.

Assess, evaluate, and prioritise

Create a structured approach to company scoring and evaluation with clear inclusion or exclusion criteria. Implement an informed evaluation of strategic fit and potential synergies to your business to maximize potential.

Deep dive profiling and tracking

Gather in-depth information on companies that are best fit to aid non-organic growth. Utilize Euromonitor International’s Passport database for future M&A target tracking.

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help employees with unique business challenges, anticipate
​change, inform your strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


We support the acquisition process with strategic industry reviews and best-fit analysis using attractiveness criteria matched to clients’ screening strategies.


We develop core industry metrics and screening criteria aligned in terms of “where to play” and “how to win”.

Business intelligence

Track the business performance of potential acquisitions and brands with scalability potential to continuously assess and rank opportunities. 

Business development

Use scenario forecasts to measure the potential impact market​ change could have on deal value and inform projects through initial evaluation and selection research.  Help identify potential acquisition targets, joint venture possibilities and best-fit partners.