Middle Class Retreat: State of Play 2019


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Apr 2019

This report looks at how the Middle Class Retreat megatrend has evolved over the last 12 months, how developments in the drivers of megatrends have impacted this megatrend, and explores future scenarios and implications for business.

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Middle Class Retreat: State of Play 2019

Key Findings

The Middle Class Retreat megatrend is expected to continue to impact other megatrends, because even when they feel themselves being squeezed, middle class consumers remain the foundation and driver of consumer markets and spending trends.

Whilst the Middle Class Retreat megatrend will continue to have very broad relevance to businesses across a wide range of industries, it is likely to converge with megatrends such as Experience More, Premiumisation and Shopping Reinvented. Successful brands and marketers are those who recognise and understand this overlap and convergence, and who subsequently adapt their strategies or innovate with new products, brand concepts and/or business models that blend together relevant megatrends.

Although it is a megatrend that started in developed countries, Middle Class Retreat will be increasingly manifest in, and apply to, emerging markets. Euromonitor will, therefore, explore this megatrend in developing and emerging economies. Attention will also be given to a wide range of industries to help spell out the implications for businesses in different industries and categories.

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