Executive Summary

Jan 2017

Mixed retailers is an important retail channel in Indonesia, thanks largely to department stores. Other mixed retailers channels, namely mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs, remained negligible in the country during 2016, while the popularity of variety stores, a channel which is dominated by dollar stores, gradually declined over the review period, with many outlets being closed down. As a result, the overall performance of mixed retailers continued to be dictated largely by the performance of department stores during 2016. Given the large selling space, wide product offerings and convenient premises of department stores, these outlets have become the primary one-stop-shopping options for consumers searching for non-grocery products. There are also many department stores being opened in Indonesia, not only in the major first-tier cities, but also in second-tier cities, both with and outside Java.


Given the dominance of department stores in mixed retailers throughout the review period, the leading mixed retailers operators in Indonesia in 2016 remained department stores. Accounting for a combined value share of 56% in 2016, two local brands, Matahari Department Store and Ramayana, managed to extend their leadership, which can be mainly attributed to the wide presence of their outlets, not only in several cities in Java, but also outside of Java. Each of these retailers offered price discounts and other promotions very frequently over the review period.


Different strategies may be employed by mixed retailers targeting different consumer bases in order to survive the increasingly intense competition during the forecast period. For example, department stores targeting lower-income and middle-income consumers such as Ramayana and Matahari are expected to continue offering price discounts in their stores to attract consumers who are price-sensitive. Similarly, variety stores can be expected to continue to provide wider varieties of value-for-money products at a wide range of price points. On the other hand, premium department stores such as Metro, Seibu and Debenhams are expected to invest heavily in creating enhanced customer experiences and attractive ambience in their stores.

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Mixed Retailers in Indonesia

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