New Concepts in Retailing: Digital and Non-store Channels

January 2019

The world of retail is always changing. Retailers from all around the world, are trying new things. Some of those experiments will be the future of retailing. This report covers 2018’s most innovative new concepts in the digital and non-store retailing channel. As consumers become more demanding, retailers within these two dynamic segments are offering them intriguing solutions to make the shopping experience more convenient, informative, memorable, and faster.

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Top trends in non-store and digital new concepts

Fulfilment options continue to increase across industries

With consumers’ desire for convenience at an all-time high, retailers seek new ways to deliver value at the right price. As retailers struggle to balance the cost of services with the demand for more, new versions of click-and-collect and the next in personalisation showcase ways to move forward.

Digital tools look to make shopping easier

Busy shoppers are always seeking ways to save time. The ongoing shift to mobile phones as the heart of consumer lifestyles has created a number of mobile apps that help consumers be more efficient and better informed.

Innovation in vending seeks to use concepts of the past as inspiration for the new

Vending in 2018 relies on the nostalgia movement for inspiration. Consumers seek products from the past that resonate with the idea that life used to be simpler and better. The novelty of something old in a new package (or no package at all) is what drives these concepts.


Why read this report?

Last-mile fulfilment solutions

Example: Trenta y Tres, 33 – at home retail appointments (Mexico)
Example: Walmart – refrigerated pick-up kiosks (United States)

Digital Shopping tools

Example: FoodIn mobile app – the next recipe box? (Croatia)
Example: NTUC FairPrice – in-store navigation (Singapore)

Nostalgia meets innovation in vending

Example: Boft – “Polaroid” vending machine (Chile)
Example: Snaga doo, BERT – packaging-free vending (Slovenia)


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