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New Concepts in Retailing: Grocery Channels

March 2020

Retailers’ constant experimentation with new concepts and formats helps lay the groundwork for the industry’s future. For this reason, Euromonitor International profiles the most innovative new concepts in retailing each year, focusing on those that showed the most creativity in four retail channels: grocery, non-grocery, non-store, and digital. This report focuses on grocery retailers.

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Key Findings

Using technology to help reduce grocery waste

As a growing share of consumers begin to embrace sustainable consumption in a genuine way, more and more grocery retailers are attempting to court this expanding market by utilising technology to help minimise both food and packaging waste.

Bringing grocery retailing to captive audiences

With consumers across the globe reporting feeling increasingly strapped for time, some grocery retailers are making it easier for customers to take care of their grocery shopping while they are engaged in other activities - whether they be at work, at play, or in transit.

Using apps to keep stores open 24 hours a day

The concept of using mobile apps to grant access to supermarkets outside normal business hours originated in Asia Pacific, but the model is now starting to be embraced by grocery retailers across Europe that aim to keep stores open 24 hours a day - even when staff are not present.


Why read this report?

Using Technology to Help Reduce Grocery Waste

Example: Too Good To Go’s quest to reduce food waste (Denmark)
Example: Colruyt’s smart camera for produce (Belgium)

Bringing Grocery Retailing to Captive Audiences

Example: Waltermart’s grocery service for punters (Philippines)
Example: Billa’s online grocery store for air travellers (Austria)

Using Apps to Keep Stores Open 24 Hours a Day

Example: Extra’s mobile app provides 24-hour access (Norway)
Example: Bio Family stays a step ahead of labour laws (Poland)


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