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New Concepts in Retailing: Non-Store Channels

March 2020

Retailers constantly experiment with new concepts and formats. Though some of these experiments fail, others help lay the groundwork for the future of the industry. For this reason, Euromonitor International profiles the most innovative new concepts in retailing each year. These profiles focus on those that show the most creativity in four retail channels: grocery, non-grocery, non-store and digital. This report focuses on 2019’s most innovative new concepts in the non-store retailing channel.

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Key Findings

New online grocery business models fighting against food waste

As sustainability concerns increase across markets, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact in all areas of their life, including their grocery shopping. In line with this movement, new online grocery business models have started to emerge that embrace the prevention of food waste as a core business value.

The rise of commuter commerce

While most retailers now employ some kind of mobile strategy, some are taking their use of mobile to the next level by targeting consumers on their commute, for example by using a personalised subscription model. The possibilities for commuter commerce are considerable, with, for example, taxi rides being turned into shopping sprees.

Pharmacies explore new operational models

Health digitalisation poses a threat to physical pharmacies, with more consumers seeking information about the most effective medication online, bypassing in-store consultations. Pharmacies are seeking to remain visible and accessible through new operational models.


Why read this report?

The Fight Against Food Waste

Example: Rebake – online marketplace fighting food waste (Japan)
Example: Oddbox – Purpose-driven fruit and veg delivery box (UK)

The Rise of the Commuter Commerce

Example: Acure’s subscription vending model (Japan)
Example: Grab & Go – convenience stores in taxis? (Singapore)

Pharmacies Explore New Operational Models

Example: Fracion.cl – new online pharmacy model (Chile)
Example: Dr Max – OTC drugs vending machine (Slovakia)


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