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Nicotine Survey 2020: Key Insights and System Overview

April 2020

For the first time in the modern history of the tobacco industry, the last decade has seen the emergence of a viable alternative to the cigarette, altering consumer preferences and use patterns. The Nicotine Survey offers insight into the pace and depth of this alteration, tracking consumer migration from traditional tobacco categories, such as cigarettes into emerging product types and gauging changing public attitudes.

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Information about Euromonitor’s syndicated survey methods

The Nicotine Survey is an add-on system for Tobacco clients. Survey data resides on the Nicotine Survey dashboard through the Tobacco page. This survey is designed by Euromonitor’s dedicated Survey team with input from the Tobacco industry team. The survey collects data on incidence and patterns of use of nicotine products and public attitudes.

The questionnaire is translated into local languages and reviewed by Euromonitor’s local analysts researching the tobacco industry for accuracy, product definitions and dialect nuances. The survey is then programmed by Euromonitor’s Survey team and hosted on the Qualtrics platform.

The survey is then fielded online to consumers in their local languages. The 2020 results were collected January-February 2020. The survey takes ~10 minutes to complete, on average. 

To find respondents, Euromonitor partners with trusted panel providers to recruit potential survey-takers. The panel providers direct eligible respondents to the Nicotine Survey site, where they are again screened for age and gender.

Quotas are put in place so that the sample (the set of online responses) matches each market’s general population distribution in terms of age (18+ or legal smoking age if higher than 18) and gender.

After screening and quality checks in real time and after the survey, 2,000 responses in each market were saved and processed for use in the Nicotine Survey system.



Background on the Nicotine Survey system

Nicotine Format Use Patterns

Overall nicotine prevalence remains steady across markets
Tracking a range of behaviours : from daily to never use
Measuring uptake of emerging product types: e-cigarettes
Measuring uptake of emerging product types: heated tobacco
Average volume per user continues on downward trend

Format Relationships and Planned Consumption Changes

Markets at various stages of dual and multiple use
Correlation between future consumption plans and risk profile
Motivations for consumption amendments remain stable
Heated tobacco grows as potential replacement for cigarettes
Do the intentions of sole cigarette users diverge from dual users?
Barriers to uptake of alternative delivery formats begin to fragment

Public Perceptions and Attitudes

Projecting the impact of extended flavour restrictions
Worsening perceptions of relative harm of e-cigarettes
The public holds generally conservative views on regulation

Survey Detail

Nicotine Survey offers insight into significant industry topic areas
Unique features
Who we surveyed and what we asked
Country coverage: 21 markets surveyed
Yearly tracked data across three key topic areas
Data visualised through state-of-the-art dashboards
Range of research applications

About Our Research

Information about Euromonitor’s syndicated survey methods
Nicotine Survey: FAQs

About Our research

Strategic analysis for greater insight
Tell the whole story with Euromonitor International data
About Euromonitor International (1)
About Euromonitor International (2)
Our global research network
Our research expertise


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