Non-metallic Mineral Products in Italy

August 2020
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This Euromonitor industrial report provides unique information on Non-metallic Mineral Products in Italy. With this industrial report, you’ll be able to explore the industry from its sources of supply to its buyers.  The Non-metallic Mineral Products in Italy report includes: Industry datagraphics including production data, exports, imports, cost structure, and profitability

The Non-metalic Mineral Products in Italy report includes:

  • Five year forecasts on industry’s historic trends and growth
  • Insights on key factors shaping industry’s historic and future performance
  • Historic data on industry’s turnover, market size, imports and exports
  • Detailed overview of industry’s supply and demand structure
  • Analysis of competitive landscape changes within the industry

This report answers:

  • What is the turnover of the Non-metalic Mineral Products?
  • How the Non-metalic Mineral Products will perform in the future?
  • Which categories are driving industry's growth?
  • Which factors will shape industry’s performance?
  • What is the industry’s costs and demand structure?
  • How profitable is the industry?
  • Is industry’s competitive landscape concentrated or fragmented?

Non-metallic Mineral Products in Italy



Rebounding infrastructure spending to support industry output
Residential and commercial construction to see a dip given declining consumer and business confidence
Exports to decline further as European construction markets remain depressed in the short term

Competitive Landscape

Cement producers put carbon reduction investments on hold

Industry Overview

Chart 1 Turnover 2004-2024, LCU million Chart 2 Value Added 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 3 Profit and Profit Margin 2014-2019 Chart 4 Turnover and Growth by Category 2019, LCU million Chart 5 Cement, Stone And Ceramic Products Turnover 2004-2024, LCU million Chart 6 Glass And Glass Products Turnover 2004-2024, LCU million Chart 7 Quarrying Of Stone, Sand And Clay Turnover 2004-2024, LCU million Chart 8 Absolute Growth by Category, LCU million

Cost Structure

Chart 9 Cost Structure 2019, LCU million


Chart 10 Imports, Exports and Trade Balance 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 11 Exports 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 12 Exports Share by Category 2014-2019, % of Total Exports Chart 13 Exports by Country 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 14 Exports Share by Country 2014-2019, % of Total Exports Chart 15 Imports 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 16 Imports Share by Category 2014-2019, % of Total Imports Chart 17 Imports by Country 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 18 Imports Share by Country 2014-2019, % of Total Imports

Market Structure

Chart 19 Market Structure by Category 2014-2019, LCU million Chart 20 Market Share by Category 2014-2019, % of Total Market Chart 21 Market Structure 2014-2019, LCU million


Chart 22 Market Structure by Buyer 2019, LCU million


Chart 23 Employment Statistics and Productivity 2014-2019 Chart 24 Number of Companies by Company's Size 2014-2019 Chart 25 Firmographics Distribution by Company Size 2014-2019, % of Total Companies Chart 26 Firmographics Distribution by Turnover 2014-2019, % of total Turnover Chart 27 Industry Concentration 2014-2019, % Share of Turnover Chart 28 Top Companies' Shares 2019, % of Turnover Chart 29 Top 5 Companies' Share Dynamics 2014-2019, % of Turnover Chart 30 Turnover Performance by Company 2014-2019

Digital Business

Industry Context

Chart 31 Attractiveness Index in Selected Industries 2019 Chart 32 Industry vs GDP Performance 2004-2024, % y-o-y Growth Chart 33 Non-metallic mineral products vs Other Industries 2004-2024, LCU million Chart 34 Industry Turnover by Region 2019, USD million Chart 35 Non-metallic Mineral Products in Western Europe 2004-2024, USD million

Buy this report to:

  • Understand future opportunities and threats within the industry
  • Track demand and supply structure
  • Understand competitive landscape of the industry
  • Inform market, strategy development and supply functions


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