Omnichannel Retailing Habits of the Hyperconnected Consumer

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Sep 2015

Passport Survey explores the omnichannel retailing habits of hyperconnected consumers as they switch between various tech devices and in-store channels while shopping. Results are based on responses to Euromonitor’s Hyperconnectivity survey, fielded in 2014, which includes 8,100 online consumers ranging in age from 15 to 65+ and living in 16 major markets.

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Omnichannel Retailing Habits of the Hyperconnected Consumer

Hyperconnected consumers provide insights into future retail trends

This report explores the ways in which hyperconnected consumers use technology while shopping, particularly "omnichannel" habits of switching between internet-enabled devices and physical stores.

Tech-savvy consumers now use multiple devices when shopping; the rise of mobile internet access and spread of consumer electronics has spawned a new consumer segment: hyper-connected consumers.

The always-connected shopper relies heavily on internet resources when deciding what and when to buy. On-line access via the phone, tablet or laptop gives access a vast information bank from experts, retailers and other consumers.

Hyperconnected consumers are a critical target for retailers and brands looking ahead.

While technology usage still varies greatly across geographies and demographics, there is no doubt that shopping is becoming more digital.

Companies crafting their digital strategy should look to hyperconnected consumers for insights into how their customers will want to interact with them in the future, whether in physical stores, online, or via mobile.

Shopping and the Hyperconnected Consumer

Hyperconnected consumers provide insights into future retail trends
Variety of channels lets consumers choose how to shop
Omnichannel shopping gives consumers complete flexibility
Omnichannel retailing leads to in-store, online, and mobile purchases

Omnichannel Habits of In-store Shoppers

A closer look at common in-store purchases
How do shoppers end up in a physical store?
Webrooming appeals to information-hungry in-store shoppers
Extreme in-store shoppers remain loyal to stores, but not exclusively
Attract more consumers into stores with rewards and technology

Omnichannel Habits of Online Shoppers

A closer look at common online purchases
How do shoppers end up buying online?
Online shoppers showroom in order to examine a product in-person
Extreme online shoppers hint at a future without physical stores
Entice more consumers to buy online with improved convenience

Mobile Impact on Omnichannel Retailing

A closer look at common mobile purchases
Mobile shopping habits vary widely across consumer groups
How do shoppers end up buying via a mobile device?
New ways to use mobile could be the future of omnichannel

Reaching Shoppers Across Platforms and Devices

Linking hyperconnected consumers with omnichannel opportunities
Whether physical or digital, shopping should be convenient
Ensure that product (and customer) information is transparent
Fulfill desire for immediacy with “buy now” options across channels

Research Overview

Background on the Hyperconnectivity survey
Overview of Methodology
Endnotes (1)
Endnotes (2)
Endnotes (3)