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Online, Mobile and Delivery: Three Trends that are Changing the Way we Dine Out

July 2016

Many of the biggest strategic questions in consumer foodservice can be traced back to developments in online ordering, mobile payments and demand for delivery service. This global briefing explores the intersections of these three movements, the driving forces behind them, and their long-term implications for global dining out culture.

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Lifestyle trends and innovation are changing the way we eat

Consumers are dining out more than ever –and grocery shopping less –and their expectations when it comes to what they want from a restaurant are changing. They want their experiences to be quick, casual and flexible, and they often want to “dine out” without actually leaving the house.

Tech is redefining the restaurant experience –and what it means to be a restaurant

Technological innovation has helped online ordering and payments; mobile ordering, payments and engagement; and delivery service all play key roles in the restaurant experience. It has offered new ways to order, pay and engage, and operators are now needing to adapt to changing demand in entirely new ways.

The emergence of the “no cook gourmet” has long-term implications

Two key lifestyle mega-trends are helping drive demand in all three of these areas. Around the world, many consumers are increasingly identifying as “foodies” or gourmets, who have high expectations when it comes to the quality of ingredients and daily dining experiences. At the same time, many consumers now lack the ability, time or desire to cook for themselves.

The newest restaurant competitors are not restaurants at all

To serve this demand, a new tier of competitors has emerged that compete for dining out occasions without actually being restaurants themselves. These include third-party delivery platforms, meal delivery subscription services, recipe box delivery services and kitchen sharing apps.

The definition of service has changed

Changes are apparent within restaurants, too. Tech-savvy consumers have altered ideas of what it means to be served well, even in the absence of traditional table service.


Key findings
The intersection of online, mobile and delivery
The mealtime competitive landscape is diversifying
The global context

Quantifying Online, Mobile, Delivery

Everything online, and increasingly so
Mobile is the future of restaurant payments and engagement
Mobile restaurant payments are growing faster than other devices
Mobile consumer foodservice payments in 2015
Looking ahead: Mobile consumer foodservice payments in 2020
Delivery demand is increasing all over the world
Global home delivery demand set to reach US$152 billion
Online ordering and delivery demand by category 2013-2015
Online ordering and delivery demand by category in 2020
Key Takeaways

Digital and Delivery Demand Drivers

Lifestyle trends driving growth: The New Consumerism
Price-conscious consumers value the benefits of “experience”
Consumers value time as a luxury good, one they can buy and sell
Splurge or save? Consumers say both
Smaller spaces for cooking and dining means we need options
Key insights: What restaurants can learn from New Consumerism

The Restaurant Experience Redefined

Technology is changing the restaurant experience
Online ordering value is significant in key markets
Yoshinoya in Japan exemplifies creative mobile engagement
Panera’s 2.0 outlet redesign addresses a new set of preferences
Walk-up windows offer a no-tech example of changing expectations
Restaurants are responsible for the out-of-store experience, too
Service is still important, but the definition has changed
Key takeaways

The New Competitive Landscape

Diversification of the cooking-at-home to dining out spectrum
Retail-foodservice hybrids are a growing competitive force
New services explore the commoditisation of delivery food
Rethinking the kitchen: Mine, yours, ours
Key takeaways in online, mobile and delivery


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