Online Retailer Negotiations: Price Gaps & Opportunities

June 2021

The report illustrates how invaluable extracting, harvesting and organising millions of data points from online retailers can enable suppliers to find potential opportunities from existing and uncovered price gaps within specific retailers. The data can be used to identify price gaps that can potentially capture greater margin and maximise profitability. The report utilises Brazilian online retailer Strawberrynet as an example - the approach is applicable to any industry/category/ retailer/

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Strawberrynet anti-ager assortment and priceevaluation

Strawberrynet anti-ager assortment principally between USD50-100

The largest share of SKUs are priced between USD50-100, accounting for 41% (131 SKUs) of all 50ml anti-ager SKUs retailed through Strawberrynet’s online portal

Combined, SKUs between USD50-200 account for nearly 80% of all 50ml anti-agers

The top 10 suppliers account for 64% of all 50ml anti-ager SKUs available

L'Oréal Groupe and Estée Lauder Cos Inc are the largest suppliers available through Strawberrynet’s retail portal, accounting for nearly 30% of all SKUs

L’Oréal Groupe has the largest brand portfolio on offer at Strawberrynet

L’Oréal’s available SKUs through Strawberrynet are evenly spread above and below the average median price for 50ml anti-agers available through the online retailer

The Lancôme brand accounted for 27% of all L’Oréal Groupe’s available SKUs, with a median SKU price of USD128.55

Potential areas to challenge L’Oréal are at price points between SkinCeuticals and Helena Rubinstein at the higher end and between Vichy and Biotherm at the lower end

Eight price gaps exist above 5% within the

Significant gaps exist for suppliers willing to exploit the lowest price points within the mass end of the price spectrum. For example, a gap of 46% or USD4.23 exists between Coryse Salomé Competence and L’Oréal Wrinkle Expert SKUs

Several other gaps exist within the

Via Pricing online retail tool
Use case: online retailer negotiations
Anti-ager price gaps and opportunities coverage
Anti-ager coverage
Strawberrynet anti-ager assortment principally between USD50-100
Strawberrynet : L'Oréal and Estée Lauder offer largest range of products
Majority of leading suppliers have assortments <20 SKUs
Strawberrynet : L'Oréal Groupe’s majority of SKUs at price points above the average median price point
Majority of price gaps exist at lower and higher price points
Eight price gaps exist above 5% within the <USD50 (50ml) price tier
Majority of suppliers offer low assortments above the average tier price
Strawberrynet : L’Oréal’s SKUs are spread well across the price tier
Final conclusions: Strawberrynet anti-ager assortment and price evaluation
Additional analysis areas
Additional tactical and strategic analysis
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