Opportunities in Pantyliners

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Apr 2018

Although pantyliners account for only a small proportion of global sanitary protection sales, it is a growing category with significant room for further growth, particularly in developing markets. However, to tap into this growth it is important to understand the local differences in usage, perceptions, and preferences. This report analyses the differences in consumption patterns, highlighting growth opportunities, trends, and necessary considerations before entering new markets.

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Opportunities in Pantyliners

Significant amount of unmet potential, particularly in developing markets.

Pantyliner sales account for 15% of global sanitary protection sales. While European markets lead in per capita consumption, usage in developing markets in LatAm, Asia Pacific, and MEA has room to grow.

Pantyliners is a category with potential for growth in these markets as the cost is much lower than other sanitary protection products, and is a cheaper alternative to light incontinence.

Shifting habits signal further growth in pantyliners.

Continuing to educate consumers helps influence consumption habits. Markets where consumers are educated about the benefits of daily pantyliner usage have seen positive growth arising from these efforts.In developing markets where women are entering the workforce, this shift in lifestyle is also expected to contribute to increased usage of pantyliners.

Manufacturers must understand local differences in usage and preferences of pantyliners before launching new products.

Levels of usage in pantyliners differ across regions, as perceptions of the products also differ. While in some markets consumers are likely to use pantyliners on a daily basis, in other markets they are more often used in conjunction with tampons during the menstrual cycle.In addition to usage and perceptions of the products, product features also vary. A failure to take into account preferences in product features can lead to failed product launches, as experienced by P&G in Denmark with scented liners.

Key findings
Pantyliners is a growing category
Usage levels of pantyliners varies across regions
Popularity of pantyliners in Europe: East vs West
Why such low consumption levels in MEA?
MEA: market anomalies
Growth prospects in MEA
Future growth markets
Product trends and innovations focus on discretion
Opposing preferences: scented vs fragrance-free
Summary of key points to consider
Data parameters and report definitions