Oral Care Adds More Bite: Growth Through Increased Penetration and Diversity

July 2013

The oral care market continues to show promise, with different key drivers in developed and developing markets. Growing affluence in developing economies allows consumers to make oral care a necessity, meanwhile developed markets are seeing increasingly sophisticated oral hygiene routines for health, cosmetic and financial reasons. To serve both, manufacturers are delivering greater product functionality and added value, along with product segmentation at both budget and premium price points.

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Good growth as consumers invest in oral care

The oral care market once again grew faster than the beauty and personal care market overall in 2012, seeing values rise by 6%, with growth in all regions, albeit to varying degrees.

Developing markets lead global growth

Latin America and Asia Pacific delivered the best value growth over the review period with higher levels of penetration amongst low income consumers being an important driver, as oral health education gains ground.

Western markets lead innovation

Although highly mature, growth has been driven in developed markets through more complex oral hygiene, as innovation provides a plethora of added value and multifunctional products, as well as a widening range of product types, with mouthwash being a key growth category.

Toothpaste still dominates

Toothpaste makes up the largest share of the oral care market and it is also one of the fastest growing categories, as continued product segmentation occurs.

Demand for added functionality across oral care

Although basic toothpastes remain popular, there is growing demand for pastes with added functionality , the number of types of which continues to rise as brand owners seek to make toothpaste multifunctional at the expense of one dimensional products such as mouth fresheners.

Power brushes give a boost to mature markets

In mature markets, products which perform better and might prevent costly dental visits are popular, with higher disposable incomes facilitating the purchase of premium products, such as electric toothbrushes, which are a growing market.

Manual brushes benefit from technology

Power brushes are largely out of reach financially in developing markets, but there has been a strong response to the technological advances made in manual brushes, keeping this category buoyant in key markets such as Brazil.

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Key findings

Oral Care Overview

Oral care market brightens up again
Toothpaste still manages to find new opportunities to shine
Asia Pacific widens the gap from Western Europe
Big store retailing takes volume share

Category Analysis

Traditional toothbrushes and paste dominate
Toothpaste drives oral care category
Developing world outpaces mature Western markets
Traditional is no longer enough for some
New formats help drive growth
Electric toothbrushes largely confined to developed countries
Mouthwashes the fastest growing oral category

Regional Analysis

Regional growth rates divided
BRIC countries the major drivers of value growth
Turkey joins UK and Germany as a growth leader
Mouthwashes and power brushes punching above their weight
Better oral hygiene habits make UK best hope for Western Europe
Eastern Europe remains largely unsophisticated
Increasing sophistication to drive Russian growth
Canada underpins North American growth
US drives strong prospects for e lectric toothbrushes in NA
India and China lead Asia Pacific growth
India grows twice as fast as the regional average
Toothpaste diversity drives growth right across Asia
Brazil leads Latin America’s growth
Brazil responds to strong marketing
Good prospects for growing penetration in Middle East and Africa

Competitive and Innovation Landscape

Colgate Palmolive continues to lead the world in oral care
Colgate is number one brand everywhere except North America
Regional brands show most dynamic growth
Private label challenges the global brands in certain markets
Toothpaste is no longer just toothpaste
Popular trends show up in toothpaste marketing
What is the next big thing in oral care?
Oral care gets technical and more professional
Manual brush developments get technical too

Recommendations and Opportunities

Toothpaste offers the biggest value opportunity
Latin America offers fastest growing markets
Brazil, India and China offer major growth opportunities
Difference in growth factors between markets

Report Definitions

Data parameters and report definitions
Category definitions Part A
Category definitions Part B
Category definitions Part C


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