Packaged Food 2011 (Part 3): Finding Success in a Challenging Operating Environment

December 2011

Times are getting bad, again. Elevated prices on global commodities markets have led to renewed fears over food security. This is also making key inputs like cereals, cocoa and sugar more expensive for packaged food manufacturers. Despite higher input costs, retail food prices remain flat to declining, thanks to retailer consolidation and private label encroachment. What can packaged food companies do to protect their margins in this increasingly challenging operating environment?

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Objectives of three-part global briefing
Learn more about latest developments in the global food industry
Key findings

Making Sense of Food Prices

Are food prices going up?
Global food production not keeping up with population growth
Commodity speculation mounts on the back of cheap US dollar
Global cereal prices remain elevated relative to mid-2010
Soybean prices remain high but are finally starting to come down
Global sugar prices prove stubbornly high despite dip in H1 2011
Cocoa prices falling as stability returns to Côte d'Ivoire
Food inflation an increasing cause for concern in China
Rising input costs, aspiration drive up average retail prices in Brazil
Russian packaged food retail prices increasing slightly
US packaged food average retail prices also on the rise
US chocolate and vegetable oil retail prices rise sharply
Are average retail food prices going up?
Packaged food retail price movements by region
Retail bread prices holding steady across several markets
Retail chocolate prices mainly see real terms declines worldwide

Retail Distribution Landscape

Inexorable consumer shift to modern grocery retail formats
Modern grocery formats gain share, drive down food retail prices
Consumers in emerging markets seduced by modern grocery
Supermarket price wars helping to ease general inflation in the UK
Is the end of traditional grocery formats nigh?
Retail price comparisons between traditional and modern channels
Retail prices in traditional and modern formats in emerging markets
What do consumers love more, stores or brands?

Competitive Landscape

Where there's retailer consolidation, there's private label
Private label packaged food leverages significant cost savings
Expansion of modern grocery formats supports private label share
Global packaged food market remains extremely fragmented
Are greater economies of scale required for brands to compete?
Impact of volatile food input costs to packaged food M&A
Alternatives to M&A to boost efficiency and offset rising costs
Emerging markets can support squeezed manufacturer margins
Different levels of market penetration in emerging regions
Private label packaged food underperforms in emerging markets
Global private label performance by packaged food category

Added Value Innovations

Consumers continue to demand added value packaged food
Wrigley's 5 gum successfully taps into hip and trendy consumers
Cadbury's Dairy Milk adds value with ethical positioning
Chobani Greek yoghurt leverages appeal of all natural lifestyle
" Snackifying " the Ukrainian packaged food market
" Snackifying " food to protect squeezed margins
Parle Milk Power biscuits taps health and convenience in India
Finding the right added value message for elderly lifestyles

Final Conclusions

Global packaged food retail volumes should continue to grow
Where now for agricultural commodities and food input prices?
Global grocery retailing outlook: Further consolidation on the cards
Future retail value gains contingent on adding value
Attractive economic i ndicators in emerging m arkets
The East is in the black: Seize the opportunity

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