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Packaged Food in Ahmedabad

January 2018

Ahmedabad offers packaged food companies an opportunity to explore different types of snacks and introduce those products. The people of Ahmedabad are traditional and prefer locally-made food as it resembles authentic Gujarati tastes and preferences. Due to the influx of migrants, packaged food is gradually becoming popular as it complements their faster-paced lifestyles. The city offers a plethora of snacking options and unique products.

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Home-made food remains top priority despite entry of packaged food

People in Ahmedabad prefer home-made food and food made from nearby sweet stores as the general perception is that packaged food is not healthy and is not authentic in taste. Some of the players including PepsiCo, Haldiram, Bikanervala and Bikano have had to adapt their products to meet Gujarati taste specifications to attract consumer demand.

Use of wide variety of spices and other ingredients to make foods

People in Gujarat indulge in a wide variety of side dishes called farsan. These farsans are generally served as side dishes and each of the dishes requires unique spices and ingredients to prepare. These unique ingredients and spices are widely available across the city.

Snacking culture in the city underpinned by wide availability of different varieties of snacks

Snacking is a key cultural element in Gujarat and people of all ages snack on a frequent basis. There is a wide variety of snacking options with easy availability across the city. Some of the snacks are very unique and are only available in Gujarat. Millennials have also adopted the snacking culture as some of the products are low in calorie.

Craft ice cream and indigenous ice cream popular among consumers

People are fond of craft ice cream and indigenous ice cream called golas.Citizens consume these ice creams during family outings. These gola ice cream shops are a common sight on the streets of the city. Modern ice cream parlours are also introducing outlets similar to gola stands.

Ahmedabad profile: fast-growing, embracing new industries
Consumer profile: traditional, simple and evolving
A typical day
Key findings
Traditional and home-made remain preferred choices
Packaged food makes small inroads through localisation
Gujarati cuisine includes a wide variety of unique ingredients
Traditional “chatneys” now available in packaged format
Consumers snack on traditional savoury snacks
Dry fruits used for gifting, snacking and protein supplements
Gola, a popular form of ice cream in the city
Ice cream manufacturers focus on freshly-made products
Gwalia Sweets Pvt Ltd
Induben Khakhrawala Foods Pvt Ltd
Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd
Key takeaways


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