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Packaged Food in Beijing

September 2017

Well known for its cultural atmosphere, long history of practicing traditional Chinese medicine and serious air pollution, packaged food in Beijing focuses on healthy concepts and cultural significance behind products and brands. Consumers expect to offset the health threats caused by air pollution through HW food products. Beijing’s lengthy history contributes to the preference for products showing local cultural references.

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Our Packaged Food City level reports highlights the most recent trends and developments in Beijing, and contrasts these with China as a whole. 

This major new report series refines our data and analysis further to city level trends, helping you examine  business opportunities and challenges that exist for these industries at a city market level.

Beijing: Well known for long history and environmental pollution
Consumer profile: Health-sensitive, practical and culture-orientated
A typical day
Key findings
A ir pollution concern and traditional Chinese medicine influence
Government support and popularity of international h ealthy lifestyles
Internet retailing benefits from its c onvenience and affordability
Rise of internet f ood brands in Beijing
Local p layers lose popularity
Premiumisation and innovation of international brands
Cultural branding: Typical o ld Beijing packaging and names
Cultural branding: Food f estivals and sponsorship of art e vents
Beijing Daoxiangcun Foodstuff Co Ltd
Beijing Yili Food Co Ltd
Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co Ltd
Key takeaways


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