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Packaged Food in Guangzhou

February 2018

As a city full of food lovers, Guangdong people are keen on food making and processing, thus shaped very distinctive characteristics. Some are deeply influenced by local dietary culture, such as the prevalence of frozen food and traditional pastries. Others are closely related to the local taste preference, such as the sweet taste Cantonese sausage and diverse seafood specialty condiments.

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Chow cha culture and the prevalence of hot pot underpin the growth of frozen food

To cater demand for Chow cha under the fast pace life, many chained chowcha shops offer frozen dessert including most types of dim sum. In this way,local people get used to store some frozen snacks or ready meals at home. While Chaoshan beef hotpot boosts the demand for frozen hot pot ingredients.

Ha ng cha culture brings prosperity to pastries

The popularity of pastries is just next to diim sum as dry food in Guangzhou.As pair to tong sui (liquid desserts) in the afternoon, local people treat pastries as refreshment. The high accessibility of pastries, including time-honoured brand ones, further boost the market of pastries.

Seafood speciality condiments play an important role

Thanks to the abundant resource and the local taste preference for seafood,seafood is widely adopted as the key ingredient for local condiments. Even for soy sauce, seafood is often added to enhance the taste.

Cantonese sausage enjoys high popularity due to the ritual and diverse dishes

As a typical winter food can only be consumed for a short time, Cantonese sausage is regarded as the must-have food during the Spring festival in Guangdong. Diverse dishes including clay pot rice with Cantonese sausage enjoy high prevalence during cold weather.

Guangzhou : important foreign trading port in South China
Consumer Profile: health-oriented, multi-cultural and flavour-driven
A Typical Day
Key findings
Chow Cha culture drives the sales of frozen snacks/ready meals
The prevalence of hot pot boosts the demand for frozen food
Traditional pastries are highly valued by Guangzhou people
Time-honored pastries brands stand out in gifting market
Seafood ingredients achieve significant roles in condiments
Local brands dominate condiments market
The ritual of the Spring Festival shows high preference for sausage
Abundant local dishes underpin the popularity of sausages
Guangzhou Huangshanghuang Group Co Ltd
Guangzhou Zhimeizhai Flavouring Co Ltd
Guangmei Xiangmanlou Livestock Co Ltd
Key Takeaways


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