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Packaged Food in Hangzhou

August 2018

Popular with tourists, a variety of local specialties can be found which are favoured by both Hangzhou citizens and visitors. Traditional Hangzhou cuisine is even sold vacuum packed for tourists to take home. Due to the geographical advantage, Hangzhou is abound in small walnuts and is home to leading players as well as a lot of OEM processor companies. Local consumers enjoy eating walnuts as well as mixed nuts as snacks.

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Key Findings

High popularity of local specialties captures sales

West Lake lotus root powder, frozen lotus seed, lotus pastry and local specialties with traditional flavours are very popular among both locals and tourists. Tourists have a strong interest in packaged food with local flavours and specialties as souvenirs.

Strong demand from locals for small walnut and mixed nuts

Lin’an district is famous for growing small walnuts and often named the “country of small walnuts”. Small walnuts are good for brain development due to being rich in protein, fibre, magnesium, and vitamins B and E, so that local people enjoy small walnuts in daily life given the close proximity to strong supply. Pursuit of health also drives demand for mixed nuts with different nutrient values.

Local brands penetrate the market with product diversification

Local brands take market share by providing regional flavours and quick response to local customers’ demand. With the knowledge of regional differences, providing diversified product lines of local dairy products and snacks for customers is the key to success for local brands. Local restaurants also leverage their strong brand presence and sell their private label packaged food in the market.

Extensive products with tea infusion and osmanthus

Hangzhou is home to many tea lovers, with its deep-rooted history of over 1,000 years. One of the most highly rated teas is Longjing. In spite of the popularity of tea flavour, sweet osmanthus is the representative plant of Hangzhou. To cater to the favourite tastes of locals, many packaged snacks made from tea or osmanthus are on sale.

Hangzhou: an important tourist attraction in China
Consumer profile: package and flavour driven
A typical day
Key findings
Packaged traditional specialities prevail in Hangzhou
Noted Hangzhou cuisine is sold as packaged food to attract tourists
High popularity of small walnut due to close proximity to Lin’an
Growing health awareness forces a new trend for mixed
Local dairy products with diversified product lines becoming popular
Local restaurants launch self-owned brands of packaged food
Popularity of Longjing tea spurs sales of tea-based specialities
Sweet flavour and health benefits see osmanthus food get popular
Hangzhou Minze Food Co Ltd
Hangzhou New Hope Bimodial Dairy Co Ltd
Haoxiangni Jujube Co Ltd
Key takeaways


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