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Packaged Food in Indore

April 2019

Indore offers packaged food companies the opportunity to offer different types of snacks. Consumers in Indore are traditional and prefer locally made food, as it provides authentic Indori flavours. Owing to the influx of immigrants, packaged food is becoming popular, as it complements their busy lifestyles. The city offers a plethora of snacking options and unique products in different local flavours.

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Key findings

Home-made food remains the top priority

People in Indore prefer home-made snacks and snacks made by local namkeen shops, as the general perception is that packaged foods are not authentic in taste. Some local and national players, including Aakash Namkeen, On Namkeen, Haldiram and Bikanervala, have customised their products to meet local taste preferences.

Snacking culture is quite prevalent in the city

Snacking is a key culture in Indore, and people of all ages snack on a frequent basis. Local shops and street markets offer a wide variety of snacking options, with easy availability across the city. Some of the snacks are unique to Indore. Namkeen brands such as Aakash Namkeen and Om Namkeen have opened outlets which allow consumers to sit and enjoy namkeens of different varieties and flavours.

A wide range of snack products are available

Indore’s love of snacking is evident from the increasing assortment of snacks. The city offers several snacking options including traditional mixtures, ratlami sev, achar sev, potato shev, tomato shev, garlic shev, dhaniya sev, etc. to choose from. The city has both packaged and unpackaged formats popular among consumers for snacks buying and enjoys a host of national and established regional players who offer the best of snacking choices.

Dairy products hold a prominent place in the daily menus

Be it a glass of milk, lassi, milk shakes, curd, buttermilk, or paneer; a daily menu without any of these items is very unlikely in the city. There is a significant group of traditional consumers who still seek the unpackaged format when buying milk and paneer, whereas modern and busy professionals typically buy packaged milk, lassi, paneer and buttermilk for the convenience, high shelf life and ease it offers.


City Profile: overview
Consumer Profile: young, social and modern thinking
Consumption of packaged foods in Indore, on an average day
Key findings
Fresh home-made foods and snacks are preferred choice
Snacking culture is quite prevalent in the city
Indore remains a paradise for namkeen lovers
Local foods challenge the growth of Western packaged food
Packaged food companies introduce snacks with local flavours
Packaged dairy consumption is on the rise
Local packaged dairy brand rules the market
Aakash Namkeen Pvt Ltd
Gangwal Foods
Shikha Foods India Pvt Ltd
Key takeaways


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