Packaged Food in Jaipur

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May 2018

Jaipur is among the top 10 most populous cities in India. It is often referred to as the “Pink City”, and is noted for its historical and cultural heritage, with a number of monuments, forts and palaces. Consumers tend to have traditional lifestyles and attitudes, which has impacted the adoption of packaged foods in the city. Over time, however, people are becoming more accustomed to consuming some packaged food items.

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Packaged Food in Jaipur

Traditional foods continue to be popular in Jaipur

Consumers in Jaipur prefer traditional foods for every meal. Whether it is the three main meals or snacks, they prefer to eat food which is close to the local cuisine, rather than other cuisines. Although people typically consume freshly made home cooked food, they are used to the idea of consuming shelf stable food which stems from adapting to the local climate. Thus, there is significant potential for packaged versions of local traditional foods.

Consumers are looking for a fusion of traditional and modern lifestyles

In most instances, consumers in Jaipur have traditional lifestyles. However, people have started to see the benefits of modern lifestyles, which are primarily convenience driven. Consumers are therefore practising a fusion of traditional and modern lifestyles, such as procuring unpackaged staples from supermarkets and buying packaged local flavoured namkeens.

Local consumers enjoy a complete meal, making pickles, papads, sweets and desserts a must

A traditional Rajasthani meal is always accompanied by pickles and papads. The meal ends with consuming sweets and desserts. People are very fond of the traditional meal, and have a full meal quite often, not only on special occasions. People have adopted packaged pickles, papads and sweets into their lives and are on the lookout for products that best replicate the home-cooked taste.

Packaged spice mixes and dairy products enjoy high usage

The quintessential Rajasthani dishes are very distinct and are unique in taste. Unlike the southern part of the country, in Jaipur spice mixes and condiments are used very generously. Dairy products, such as ghee, butter and paneer, are added to dishes to complete a “royal meal”.

Jaipur: a city with a long heritage and vibrant culture
Consumer profile: conservative consumers opening up with time
Consumption of packaged food in Jaipur, on an average day
Key findings
Loyalty to local foods challenges growth of Western packaged food
Familiarity with shelf stable items an advantage for packaged food
Procurement of staples in unpackaged form is predominant
Both unpackaged and packaged namkeens appeal to consumers
Sweets and desserts perfectly sum up meals and festivities
Love for pickles and papads is reflected in their sales
Packaged spice mixes take over the baton from home-made spices
High sales of ghee and butter for making rich “royal” food
DMB Sweets Pvt Ltd
Chokhi Dhani Foods
Jaipur Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd (Jaipur Dairy)
Key takeaways