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Packaged Food in Lucknow

April 2019

Lucknow is renowned for its language, culture, food and overall lifestyle. The city’s street food, such as tunday kabab, chicken and mutton biryani, continues to attract both domestic and international visitors. Consumption of packaged frozen fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is low, while consumption of packaged milk and value added milk products is high. Owing to the paucity of time among the working class population, consumption of packaged cereals for breakfast is slowly growing.

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Key Findings

Dominance of local sweet shops and bakeries

Local sweet shops and bakeries continue to dominate the city, with many people visiting these stores to purchase food items. Stores such as Burma Bakery and Radheylal continue to attract significant footfall, owing to their expansive product portfolios, and their catering specifically to the demands of the population of Lucknow.

Home-made food remains top priority despite entry of packaged foods

People in Lucknow prefer home-made food, or order food from local consumer foodservice outlets and sweet stores. These stores continue to receive many orders as they offer the authentic taste of Awadhi/Lucknowi food. The growth of online ordering has increased demand and the footprint of these outlets as well.

Fresh sea food consumption is high in the city

Consumers in Lucknow tend not to purchase frozen food, primarily as it is perceived as processed, and thus not good for health. As a result, unlike in many other major Indian cities, sales of frozen packaged food remain very low. Fresh food continues to dominate the market, and is used both in the home and by consumer foodservice outlets to prepare the delicacies that Lucknow is renowned for.

Unpackaged snack manufacturers still dominate

Snacks remain a key part of Lucknow culture. The city is dominated by unpackaged snack manufacturers, with local shops continuing to maintain a huge portfolio of snacks, catering to consumers’ varied tastes. Aminabad and Chowk have multiple local snack manufacturers and sellers, which continue to dominate, despite the rise of regional players.


City profile: overview
Consumer Profile: traditional
Typical daily routine
Key findings
Traditional home-made food preferred for breakfast
Packaged traditional savoury snacks gaining popularity
Local snack manufacturers still rule the roost
Packaged dairy consumption is on the rise
Local namkeen and sweet shops
Bakeries are highly popular in the city
Packaged dried fruit is popular, especially as a gift
Sales of packaged fruit, vegetables and meat remain low
Radhey l al
Burma Biscuits Co
Mother Dairy
Key takeaways


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