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Packaged food in Mumbai

May 2018

Street food defines Mumbai, which is proud of offering the world numerous varieties of snacks. Reminiscent of the culture, rich heritage and history of the city, people celebrate every aspect of their life with food, and constantly attract others for the same. Work, weather and city life also impact the way people consume food, while newcomers to the city quickly adapt to the food culture. Despite the famous eateries Mumbai has, people still prefer fresh and packaged food for cooking at home.

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Street snacks turn into meals for time-pressed Mumbaikars

Snacks are consumed as replacements for meals as Mumbaikars have most of their meals while commuting to or from offices. There are plenty of snack varieties to choose from, and they are mostly inexpensive, thus appealing to the population in Mumbai who are in need of a quick meal solution. Packaged forms of famous street snacks such as vada pav, spring rolls and samosas offer convenience and enable consumption on the go.

Culture and tradition bring out the essence of food during festivals

Mumbai is known for large processions, celebrations and social gatherings during festivals, with food consumption rising during festive seasons. Whether as gifts,distribution to the crowd or providing to the poor, Mumbai’s packaged food sales grow as a part of cultural celebrations. In addition, food festivals are big events that are organised in the city, during which people get the opportunity to experience new products.

Humidity, moderately hot climate and long monsoon seasons favour many varieties of packaged food

A moderately hot and humid climate all year, and prolonged monsoon seasons,support many food preferences in the city. Traditional dairy products such as chaach, lassi, yoghurt and similar are consumed on hot days, while Western products such as ice cream, flavoured milk, tender coconut water and soft drinks are also quite popular, while during monsoon spicy chats are consumed.

Mumbai has an equal mix of vegetarians and meat-eating consumers

Mumbai has a large settlement of migrants from neighbouring states including Gujarat and Rajasthan, and thus certain parts of the city have large Marwari and Jain populations, who are strict vegetarians. Similarly, vast settlements of Marathi,Parsi, Zorastrian, and other meat-eating populations are present across the city,which see high demand for meat dishes.

Mumbai: a universe of all food varieties
Consumer Profile: hard-working, foodies and innovation
Most Mumbaikars prefer home-made food, and take food to work
Key findings
Snacks replace meals and satisfy hunger pangs at home
Variety of regional snacks to choose from Mumbai delicacies
Festivities and celebrations are incomplete without local food
Food festivals and local packaged food are growing in the city
Weather has impact on food consumption throughout the year
Mumbai a prime destination for multi-religious food
Cultural divide and meat ban very prominent in Mumbai
Frozen processed beef is sourced from neighbouring states
Chitale B andhu Mithaiwale
Mahanand Dairy by MRSDMM
Marico Ltd
Key takeaways


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