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Packaged Food in Wuhan

December 2017

Stable supply of external packaged food products owing to logistics superiority leads to dominance by renowned external players. Given the fast-paced lifestyle, traditional dishes evolve into convenient packaged food products. Savoury snacks are highly popular as led by the spicy food tradition, while flavour-driven trend prioritises tastes over nutrition. Chained food specialist stores rapidly expand with varied products and convenience, bringing about prominent sales of private label products.

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Advanced logistic system and weak local players allow aggressive external players to dominate packaged food in Wuhan

Traditionally identified as a national transportation hub of both waterways and trains, Wuhan directly benefits from its logistic system, which consistently secures the stable supply of various packaged food brands and products by external players. Meanwhile, taking advantage of such transportation superiority, aggressive external players dominate packaged food in Wuhan,while weak local players struggle to survive with fragmented tiny shares.

Packaged food in Wuhan both crosses over and competes with consumer foodservice

Prevalence and popularity of various street food dishes as represented by Reganmian and salty poultry snacks in Wuhan directly contributes to development of their packaged counterparts for the more convenient uses of consumers. However, consumer foodservice also posts greater attraction to consumers who prefer fresher and varied selections offered by this channel.

Mostly flavour-driven,Wuhanese still value flavours of packaged food over its functions

Celebrating a cuisine culture featuring spicy and salty flavours, Wuhanese accordingly indicate a strong preference to savoury snacks of similar strong tastes. Under the impact of such flavour-driven culture, flavours or tastes still take the priority of Wuhanese packaged food consumption.

Food specialist stores greatly facilitates growth of packaged food in Wuhan

Featuring offerings of a wide selection of products and a convenient retailing environment, food specialist stores contribute to a significant share of packaged food sales in Wuhan. Along with the rapid expansion of chained food specialist stores as represented by Bestore, private label products also witness fast growth owing to their localised flavours and competitive price.

Wuhan: Manufacturing and transportation hub in the Central China
Consumer Profile: Price sensitive, flavour-driven and convenience-oriented
A Typical Day
Key findings
Logistic superiority ensures variety and supply of packaged food
L ocal players struggle to survive under aggressive external players
Popular local dishes/snacks inspire packaged food product offering
Street food stalls directly compete with packaged snacks
S picy food culture leads to preference to savoury snacks
Tastes/flavours take precedence over function of packaged food
Chained food specialist stores constitute a crucial channel
Private label products see prominent growth
Hubei Bestore Food Co Ltd

Packaged food in wuhan

Hubei Youzhiyou Dairy Co Ltd
Wuhan D ahankou Food Co Ltd
Key Takeaways


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