Packaged Food in Xiamen

August 2019

A variety of local specialties can be found in Xiamen which are popular with both local citizens and visitors. Due to Xiamen’s geographical position, fresh fruit and seafood are widely available. The city is home to leading manufacturers of packaged food products such as sweet fruit cookies and dried seafood. Local consumers often enjoy southern Fujian afternoon tea with sweet cookies as a snack. Traditional Xiamen cuisine is sold vacuum packed for tourists to take home.

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Key findings

Local specialties are influenced by Taiwan

Xiamen is known in China for its cuisine. Similarly to Taiwan, local specialties include sweet cookies with traditional flavours, dried meat floss, milk tea powder and hand-made egg rolls, which are very popular among both local consumers and tourists.

Strong demand from locals for dried food

As a modern international port, Xiamen attracts a large number of tourists, who often take home some speciality dried seafood. Fresh or dried seafood is an essential part of daily meals in the city. In addition, due to the strong preference for soups, local residents consume large amounts of dried vegetables, grains and seeds.

Intense competition between new and established brands

Xiamen is a city where different cultures meet. Its rich cultural heritage from East and West inspires a spirit of entrepreneurship in the city. New independent brands have introduced products with new designs and flavours, while established brands provide classic flavours, which meet the various demands of both locals and tourists.

Extensive range of packaged sweet and slight spicy products

Due to its geographical position, Xiamen abounds with fruits such as mango, guava and longan. Fujian preserved fruit is made using fresh fruit. In addition to sweet flavours, slight spicy flavours are popular in local packaged food.


Xiamen: a premier seaport and popular tourist destination in China
Consumer profile: sweet , fresh and slightly spicy
A typical day
Key findings
Taiwan’s influence is evident in local specialities
Preference for fresh foods has been extended to packaged food
Strong preference for soup using dried vegetable, grains and seeds
Fresh or dried seafood is essential for daily meals
Cultural mix inspires new brands
Established stores extend their product lines
Local brands have a strong presence in preserved fruits
Traditional local cuisine is sold in packaged form
Xiamen Green Ecological Co Ltd
Miss Zhao’s Shop
Dali Foods Group
Key takeaways


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