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Packaged Foods in Hyderabad

March 2018

Hyderabad is well known for its unique food culture and taste. It is characteristic with a mixture of Mughal, Turkish and Arabic, with the influence of native Telugu cuisine. Hyderabadis are quite keen on indulgence, but are particular about fresh and homemade food products. The lifestyles that Hyderabadis lead are culturally ingrained, as a result of which consumers are still conservative in their outlook and prefer fresh, natural and homemade products.

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Fresh and home-made food remains top priority for Hyderabadis

Consumers in Hyderabad are still predominantly conservative, and opt for fresh and home-made food over packaged offerings. The lifestyles that Hyderabadis lead are culturally ingrained, as a result of which, though there have been a lot of changes in terms of urbanisation and fast-paced lifestyles, in the current day and age consumers are still conservative in their outlook and prefer fresh, and natural products.

Regional snacks are widely popular, in line with local tastes

Snacking is quite popular in Hyderabad – a trend observed nation-wide. However,what is unique about Hyderabad is that regional snacks are widely popular, which distinctly capture local tastes. Hyderabadi food in general is on the spicier side and people enjoy it. Regional snacks rightly capture these tastes and preferences,which is why they are so popular among consumers.

Hyderabadis, though known to enjoy spicy food, indulge in sweet items as well

Hyderabad is widely known for its spicy food cuisine, and its famous biryani. What is quite interesting is that the locals who enjoy spicy food are equally passionate about sweets and desserts. Hyderabad is quite well known for its variety of sweets and unique use of different ingredients. Consumers prefer buying sweets from sweet shops and also preparing them at home.

Wide popularity of baked goods and confectionery in Hyderabad with blend of local flavours and rich taste

Biscuits, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, rusks, pastries, chocolates and artisanal varieties of bread are savoured in Hyderabad. Osmania biscuit is one of the city’s most iconic products, often enjoyed with ‘chai’ (tea). Hyderabad is famous for its rusks and biscuits. Hand-made and quality products are of prime importance to consumers.

Hyderabad: overview
Consumer Profile: traditional, diverse and aware
A typical day
Key findings
Fresh homemade foods are most preferred by consumers
Homemade and farm-fresh are popular claims for packaged foods
Regional snacks are crowd favourites
Packaged food companies introduce snacks with local flavours
Sweet cravings of Hyderabadis match their appetite for spicy food
Handmade fresh ice creams with natural flavours steal the show
Biscuits and cookies give tough competition to sweets
Local bakeries are frequented very often
Karachi Bakery India Pvt Ltd
Ushodaya Enterprises Pvt Ltd (Priya foods)
Telangana State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited
Key takeaways


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