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Packaged Foods in Kochi

July 2018

Packaged foods consumption in the city is quite common for condiments, dairy, spices, pastes, and pickles, combined with savoury snacks and confectionery. The strong Gulf expat population of the city, along with the high literacy rate, make Kochi an ideal city in terms of packaged food consumption, as awareness regarding eating hygienic food is very high.

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Key findings

Snacking is a big part of the daily consumption of packaged foods

Consumers in Kochi, though modern, are still quite laid back. One of the key packaged food habits in the city, is consumers’ snacking habits. Whilst most are moving towards healthy eating, consumers in Kochi continue to snack everyday, and snack on chips over everything else. Banana, tapioca and jackfruit are three of the most sought-after snacking items among the consumers in the city.

Packaged pickles are a big part of the city’s everyday meals

Indians love pickles and spicy food in general, including consumers in Kochi. However, what is interesting is that whilst most consumers across the country have vegetarian pickles, consumers in Kochi are famous for preferring beef, pork, and various kinds of fish pickles. Such products are available and consumed both packaged and unpackaged.

Dairy consumption in the city only in packaged form

India has a large consumer base for unpackaged dairy products. Kochi is distinctly different from this trend, where the majority of consumption of milk and dairy products in the city comprises packaged products. Whether milk, cheese, butter, ghee, cottage cheese or any other dairy products, consumers across the city and across all socio-economic classes trust Kerala Milk M Federation.

Coconut and palm oil are the most sought-after edible oils for cooking in the city

Kochi is located in the coastal state of Kerala. Hence, use of coconut in meals is a big part of the cuisine of the city. Coconut oil is consumed on an everyday basis for all meals. Apart from coconut oil, which is on the slightly more expensive side, consumers used a lot of palm oil as well. Apart from price, consumers who do not like the distinct taste of coconut oil also prefer palm oil.


City Profile: high literacy rate drives growth of packaged foods
Consumer Profile: hygiene-oriented, learned, price-conscious
Consumption of packaged foods in Kochi, on an average day
Key findings
Snacking is a big part of everyday packaged foods consumption
Vegetarian, fish, meat and seafood snacks are big part of snacking
Pickles are a big part of the city’s cuisine
Malayalis in general are known for their non-vegetarian pickles
Packaged and pasteurised milk and alternatives preferred
Need for packaged dairy driven by hygiene and quality
Coconut oil is the most used edible oil
Palm oil is the closest alternative to coconut oil
Milma, Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation
Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd
Nirapara Food Products
Key takeaways


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