Pant Format in Baby Diapers: Growth, Opportunities, Risks

August 2018

Pant format is outpacing growth in open nappies/diapers globally, although the latter still accounts for the lion’s share of global baby nappies/diapers/pants sales and remains a preferred format in many markets. Pants are increasingly seen as a way to drive revenues and better margins for the industry. The report analyses growth trends and unmet potential in the pant format, its expansion and geographic shifts, consumer understanding of the format, as well as key drivers of future growth.

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Global opportunity to drive industry growth

While still much smaller in absolute value terms, disposable pants sees faster growth globally, compared to open nappies/diapers. Unmet potential for disposable pants globally is estimated at USD10 billion, or 42 billion units.

Shifting geographic frontiers

Asia continues to gain share of global pant sales as key developing markets in the region continue to see healthy growth. However, the format is also entering growth markets outside Asia Pacific, with a degree of success.

Value-added -ensure right features and marketing

Pants typically retail at higher prices, compared to open nappies/diapers. To secure trading up with parents who can and are willing to spend more, product marketing and design needs to meet specific consumer preferences, which can vary significantly from market to market.

Opportunities in older children

While pants exist in all sizes, demographic shifts through 2027 indicate growth for age group 1-4 years, versus decline in newborns. Additionally, rising incomes and changing lifestyles lead to shift in the age of potty training, creating more opportunities in pants for older children.

Consumer educationand communication

To increase the rate of adoption for the pant format in traditionally open nappy/diaper markets, investment in consumer education and communication will be needed, along with guaranteed product quality and design to avoid bad experiences at first trial.

Key findings
Outpacing growth of open nappies/diapers but still small in actual terms
Asia Pacific continues to grow its global share of pant sales….
…but sees shifts within the region’s markets
Top 10 largest vs top 10 fastest markets
Innovation and expansion beyond Asia Pacific
Significant global unmet potential in disposable pants
Deconstructing growth: fundamentals vs price vs soft drivers
Income thresholds and pricing pressures
Paying more for certain features: consumer perspective
Millennial parents are not dramatically different
Shifting demographic, social landscape, and potty training
Understanding pant format in developed markets outside Asia
Licensing and potty training process
Key recommendations


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