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Partner Search

The partners you choose impact your ability to operate efficiently. Avoid picking partners that do not contribute to your bottom line. Euromonitor Consulting helps clients identify and select an appropriate business partner to increase your competitive advantage and optimise performance.

How Partner Search can help

Focus on the Competition

Understand the structure of the market, measure market share, explore how competitors operate and differentiate themselves and assess underlying competitive intensity.

Evaluate Competitors and Benchmark Performance

Compare against best-in-class companies
to place your performance in an
external context.

Assess Future Relevance of Competitors

Assess which players are best positioned to outperform the market and the reasons for their success.

Supports many functions

Euromonitor Consulting can help your company with unique challenges, anticipate change, inform the strategic planning process and reach annual targets.


Evaluate competitors' sales performance by region,
product or customer type to understand the strengths
and weaknesses of their sales organisation. We profile competitors' operational set-ups and measure their production and sales by channel to identify potential
growth opportunities.


Assess your overall competitiveness and productivity
by comparing sales, costs and margins against leading competitors. We identify the competitors outperforming financial benchmarks and provide recommendations on areas for potential improvement.


Assess your competitors' portfolio mix and brand
strength and the effectiveness of their market
positioning and product messaging. We provide
competitive insights to identify the potential for new
product developments or line extensions.


Track potential competitive threats and identify
internal and external factors impacting your industry
and driving competitor initiatives to develop your