Personalisation in Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

December 2021

The market for personalised vitamins and dietary supplements is evolving rapidly, as improvements in technology and investments from larger companies are driving innovation and lowering prices. This is segmenting the market for personalised nutrition, with some products increasingly mass-orientated while others retain premium price points and niche services like DNA testing and microbiome mapping. The industry is set for both global expansion and industry consolidation over the near term.

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Key Findings

Personalisation in vitamins and dietary supplements is seeing broader interest

Personalised vitamins and dietary supplements have been in the market for almost a decade as a narrow opportunity attracting only premium nutritional consumers. Improvements in technology and investments from larger companies are driving innovation and lower prices, pointing towards more mass orientation in the future.

The concept of personalisation requires greater clarity and refined terminology

Underscoring this movement towards mass orientation is the fact that the concept of personalisation needs refining to reflect the wide spectrum from simple pill packs to bespoke formulations driven by genomics or microbiome mapping. New terms are in order to segment these offerings.

Products “democratising personalisation” leading the pack

The middle grouping of products based on price points lead the overall personalised marketplace by offering competitive prices, quick analytics, and basic personalisation that have the potential to attract a wider grouping of consumers than have patronised personalised nutrition services to this point.

The market for “precision” vitamins and dietary supplements to remain niche

At the higher end, “precision” vitamins and dietary supplements will continue to offer innovative and sophisticated solutions like products built to a consumer’s individual biology that will push the outer edge of the industry but continue to only attract a narrow range of consumers.

Personalised nutrition to extend to a variety of “next markets” over the forecast period

The personalised nutrition marketplace is dominated by the US in 2021, but many factors suggest the near-term rise of this concept in a half-dozen or more markets that have a strong base of active and engaged vitamin and dietary supplement consumers.


Key findings
Personalisation is expected to see intensifying interest in the coming years
Demand-side influences on rise of personalisation
Consumers demanding products tailored for their needs
Three in 10 consumers open to sharing personal data with private companies
Country-level differences among age cohorts
Many consumer cohorts are comfortable with personalised nutrition recommendations
Consumers heading online for information about vitamins and dietary supplements
Vitamins and supplements users are quite knowledgeable about the products they take
Unprecedented growth of vitamins and dietary supplements gives chance for personalisation
Customisation to personalisation
Tech advances make personalisation segmentation more likely
Segmenting the new market for personalised nutrition
Price points in the segmented marketplace for personalised nutrition
FMCG and pharma investments in personalisation will build scale, lower prices
How to win within the “democratising personalisation” bucket
What is the target market for precision vitamins and dietary supplements?
Identifying the next markets for personalised vitamins and dietary supplements
Case study: China
Case study: United Kingdom
Case study: South Korea
Case study: Japan
Case study: Australia
Case study: Netherlands
Case study: the Nordic markets
Key industry takeaways

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