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Pet Care 

What is driving demand for pet care now and in the future?

A complete view of the industry landscape

Our research offers a complete view of the industry landscape, major and emerging competition and the economic and consumer influences driving change.  

Size your market, analyse distribution channels,  compare your brand and company shares to the competition to build new market entry strategies and identify white space opportunities.

Examine the influence of packaging and ingredients innovations and understand where your future consumers live and shop.  

Capitalise on trends in pet care categories

Explore trends and consumer preferences and identify the scale of opportunity around healthy eating.

Where do consumers spend most on value-added products? What nutritional and health benefit claims work? Where are “natural” and “free-from” marketing claims most powerful?

Explore economic indicators influencing demand

Build your corporate strategy centrally and regionally with a clear, detailed big picture economic view of the market.  Assess risks and vulnerabilities, costs, operating environments, regulatory issues, as well as production and trade flows and B2B supply lines.


Passport is our syndicated global research database offering shared access to internationally comparable market research quickly and cost effectively.

Passport advances understanding of the global industry and economic landscape in more than 200 countries, providing actionable insight to support business growth.

Providing a wealth of standardised and cross-comparable statistics, Passport supports critical decision making at the country, regional and global level.

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