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Will Consumers see My Starbucks Rewards as the Center of their Mobile Commerce?

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Starbucks has recently made some changes to its rewards program and mobile app, called My Starbucks Rewards. These changes are indicative of a move that Starbucks may be trying to put its rewards app at the center of its consumers mobile commerce ecosystem. For instance, consumers can now use the app to pay at Starbucks as well as order their beverages ahead of time. Reportedly, 9 million weekly payments at Starbucks take place globally. Starbucks has also rolled out delivery options in its hometown of Seattle and has even partnered with ride-sharing company Lyft and music streaming service Spotify. These additions and changes to its loyalty program not only adds value to the already-successful app, but also may give consumers a reason to look at the app as the center of their mobile payments in the future.

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