Post-Brexit London: 4 EU Cities Vying to Cash in on London’s Financial Services Exodus

December 2017

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Brexit; City of London and the financial services industry

Since the June 23rd referendum in 2016, whereby the UK’s population voted to leave the EU, questions have been raised as to the extent to which this decision will impact the country’s economic, political and social standing. With negotiations still ongoing, one of the most contentious issues regarding Brexit revolves around London’s future as a leading European and global financial centre after the UK withdraws from the EU.

The briefing provides presents four major EU cities best placed to take advantage of London’s financial services exodus and potentially become the EU’s chief financial centre

The four cities of Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam are the main contenders to take London’s financial services jobs, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Other cities have similarly asserted their ambitions of welcoming financial services firms from London.

Brexit; City of London and the financial services industry
Key criteria to becoming a major financial centre
Frankfurt: EU’s main financial services alternative to London
Dublin: Linguistic and cultural similarities boost Irish capital’s bid
Paris: A global metropolis analogous to London
Amsterdam: Strategically located in Europe
Others in the mix to seize London’s financial services jobs
EU agencies already moving out; could Euro clearing follow suit?
Moving operations elsewhere has its challenges too


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