Premiumisation of Ingredients: Snacks

July 2019

Demand for healthier but at the same time indulgent snacks is driving innovation and the premiumisation of ingredients. Flavour, texture, naturalness and healthiness must be balanced against indulgence to gain the attention of consumers.

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Key Findings

Premium chocolate on the rise

Demand for healthier but at the same time indulgent snacks is driving innovation in, and premiumisation of sweeteners used in chocolate confectionery. Natural sugar alternatives, such as dates, grapes and apple extracts, are some of the potential alternatives to sucrose.

Ice cream drives growth in high-intensity sweeteners and botanicals Premium, indulgent, luxurious and, at the same time, low-calorie ice cream is driving the growth of high-intensity sweeteners and botanicals. The use of low-calorie sweeteners, natural colours, natural flavours, and exotic and luxurious ingredients is driving premiumisation in the snacks category.

Non-animal protein a key ingredient in energy bars

Energy bars are on the rise, as gym-goers and those pursuing a healthy lifestyle opt for them as a source of a protein. The category is expected to continue to develop towards non-animal derived products, while at the same time moving towards ancient grains and natural sources of energy.

Puffed snacks and potato chips drive premiumisation of fats and oils in savoury snacks

Puffed snacks contain less oil and more starch than potato chips, and are perceived as a healthier alternative. Manufacturers can premiumise the category with healthier alternatives, such as spelt, quinoa and chickpea, to provide new experiences and not compromise on taste and texture. Premiumisation in potato chips increasingly revolves around processing, with potato chips diversifying into oven baked kettle chips, for example.


Key findings
Premiumisation of ingredients is essential to stay in the game
Sweeteners are the biggest contributors to snack ingredients
Premiumisation working differently across confectionery
Premium chocolate snacks: rise of cocoa ingredients
Low-sugar ice cream driving growth in sweeteners and botanicals
Energy b ars using sweeteners and non-animal derived protein
Puffed snacks drive the growth of starch in savoury snacks
Case studies: Belvita and Green Black’s shake up snacks
Key recommendations


Included here are the individual ingredients used in the manufacture of products that are tracked in Packaged Food, Soft drinks, Hot Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Tobacco, Pet care, Beauty and Personal Care, and Home Care. Ingredients data published in the Ingredients system are separate from Key Functional Ingredients tracked within Health and Wellness.

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