Premiumisation State of Play 2019


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Mar 2019

This report looks at how the Premiumisation megatrend has evolved during the last 12 months, how developments in the key drivers of megatrends – shifting economic power, technology, population change, environmental shifts and pressures, and changing consumer values – have impacted, and explores future scenarios and the implications for business.

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Premiumisation State of Play 2019

Re-examining the trends that define Premiumisation today

Services That Help

Stressed-out consumers are spending more on products and services that free up time and simplify their lives, while looking for assistance in finding, purchasing and creating the products they need.

Thoughtful Consumption

While indulgence still commands a premium, it demands a reason, as consumers look to justify every item of expenditure in a more uncertain age.

Better MeBuilding a

 Older consumers seek to extend their healthy lives, while younger consumers look to burnish their personal brand. In each case, there is opportunity in helping consumers to become their “best selves”.

Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Shifting Economic Power to drive evolution of Premiumisation
Re-examining the trends that define Premiumisation today
Smarter, more targeted, more personal
Emotional connections still key
Appliance manufacturers experiment with countertop gardening
Canndescence points the way to mood- and outcome-based products
Hershey targets consumers everywhere they choose to indulge
China’s “new r etailing” maps fresh paths to premiumisation
Three future scenarios