Premiumisation: Why Foodservice Matters to Every Industry

December 2017

This is a report about foodservice and premiumisation. This is not a report about premium foodservice concepts. Instead, it is an exploration of the many ways brands in nearly every industry can (and do) use foodservice - and the ethos of foodservice - to drive their wider premiumisation strategy. In the current environment, attention is the lifeblood of every brand, and foodservice experiences remain powerful drivers of that attention.

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Foodservice: a vital tool for Premiumisation

A key element of premium strategy is service. Restaurants, with their emphasis on curation, experience, and social engagement, are well positioned to drive Premiumisation.

Consumer attention is vital to any brand

In a highly fragmented media environment, holding consumer attention is vital to any brand, premium brands above all; foodservice can play a major role in driving this.

Indulgence needs a reason

As consumers feel increasingly obliged to justify every indulgence, foodservice is growing in importance as a premium channel enabling consumers to indulge.

Data fuels innovation

Premium brands cannot survive without continuous innovation; constant innovation requires continuous data and analysis. Foodservice provides a vital node in any producer’s data-collection strategy.

More interest in foodservice than ever before

The new and growing relevance of foodservice as a tool for branding and consumer connection will bring new players into the market and drive greater innovation.


Megatrend analysis at Euromonitor International
Focus on (food)service as a path to premiumisation
Key findings

Why Foodservice Matters

Where does foodservice fit in?
Why foodservice takes centre stage in a changing world
Mass brands face growing headwinds globally
Consumer attention is at a premium
Experience and service drive premiumisation now more than ever
Foodservice offers a path to added-value, emotional connection
Chefs and restaurants trafficking in trust and emotional connection
Towards a new service model

Premiumisation and Foodservice in Action

Who needs foodservice? who doesn’t need foodservice?
Foodservice and premiumisation : five key trends
The age of retail foodservice: foodservice included from day one
Dean & Deluca’s stage concept: “food as theatre”
Cisca concept takes convenience stores upmarket
H&M’s Arket brand: a fully-curated “lifestyle market”
Foodservice as a logical extension of retailing
Restaurant as shop window: a new channel for premium brands
IKEA’s pop-up “dining club”: try (and party) before you buy
Aesop soap and fine dining bathrooms: a partnership
Spending an evening with one’s favourite products
The last “guilt-free” indulgence: experience as justification
Nutella Cafés continue trend of CPG foodservice experiments
Restaurants and cannabis: the cutting edge of indulgence?
Is an era of “new indulgence companies” coming?
The foodservice lab: restaurants as innovation engines
Wagamama’s Noodle Lab: crowdsourcing what’s next
Green Summit Group: virtual concepts and continuous innovation
Multiple nodes, multiple data collection points for every brand
Assisted preparation: restaurant expertise for home cooks
Sharp’s Healsio Deli: restaurant-curated meal kit delivery
Foodiebag : bringing Stockholm’s restaurants home
Restaurants as trusted guides


Foodservice and premiumisation : key market learnings
Battle for attention in foodservice to intensify
Premiumisation and foodservice: what to focus on


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